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Whatever Happened To The Heavy Rebalance?

E-100 T110E5 IS-4

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_Zee__ #1 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 17:40


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At the beginning of the year, Wargaming promised they would rebalance some powercrept heavy tanks. They mentioned the E-100 and IS-4. There was also hope that they would roll back the nerf they put on the T110E5. Then nothing ever came of it. They did a great job with the mediums in my opinion. I'm loving my Leopard 1 more than ever (if I get a battle that lasts more than 3 minutes). Is there any plan to address the irrelevant heavy tanks people are spending their time and money to unlock, or have unlocked and haven't played in almost 2 years because they are now tier 8 tanks with tier 10 hit points? Also, why should I grind up to the new tier 10's they add when I am led to believe they will either get nerfed or powercrept? I have an E-100 and a T110E5 rotting in my garage. I'm not buying a chinese premium heavy or grinding that line if I suspect it's just going to be another waste of time and money.

deathman254 #2 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 17:46


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Well as they have stated before, the special ammo rework is priority 1 right now as it will affect the balance of all vehicles. They are opting to wait until after that rebalance to start re-balancing tanks again, the only really 2 outliers were the Leo 1 and STB 1 which i am assuming were already so close to completion and would be affected minimally by any changes for special ammo. mainly due to their lack of armor.

Garandster #3 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 17:49


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They have said it several times, at this point, it is shelfed until the premium ammo rebalance is resolved. There is no point in balancing them now, just to rebalance them again if they make premium ammo changes.

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