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first match EVER

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theOG1893 #1 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 17:49


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Is the community really dislike new people? in the Japanese tank you get after the tutorial, its very slow. I find a random battle, and tried following the team but could barely climb a hill on himmelsdorf, and by the time I got up there, the enemy captured the base. After the match, I was harassed byx for being a "reroll" and being reported for not playing. I really did want to shoot at other tanks :( is everyone like that towards new people? Or should I just uninstall now and never look back?

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Garandster #2 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 17:54


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Get to tier 5, it gets better. A lot of insecure trolls live at low tier where they can play with plenty of advantage and still perform average. Good players and the majority of the playerbase aren't habitual low tier players.


Edit: There are also tons of good communities in the game. I recommend checking out Guido1212 on YouTube to learn about the game.

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_Tsavo_ #3 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 17:54


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Hi, welcome to world of tanks.  It's a challenging game with a mighty learning curve and provides very little to help you come to grips with it. 


For starters, naming someone here is against the rules, I'd remove the name as you'll likely catch flack from the mods for it. 


Second, there's a minimap that highlights cap circles and you'll see key and vital areas on each map.  In your case it sounds like it was encounter and the hill in an encounter match isn't vital or key. 


Third, you're new.   There's a ton you don't know and it'll take time.   I suggest hitting up the newcomers section of the forum and we'll as the game guides and tutorials section.  They'll help you avoid the baddie pitfalls and other newbie mistakes. 


Good luck and don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. 

Ken_McGuire #4 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 17:55


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Any new game will have its own way of doing some particular things. And any social game unfortunately has some "trolls" who will make fun of others. But here in the newcomers section, we will generally try to help you.


A guy on the forums has come up with a "welcome package" that guides you through the various guides toward being a more effective player. Check it out at http://forum.worldof...age-version-1/  Please read as much of it as you can. Ask questions about what you don't understand. It WILL help. And we will try to help too.


And as for the harassing messages, there are ways to report this behavior to customer support. But "naming and shaming" here is a way to get in a bit of trouble yourself.


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Desert_Fox_1969 #5 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 18:02


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Just turn chat off and keep playing and learning. 

banziduck #6 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 18:06


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All good advice be careful posting on the forums outside the Newcomer forum as you will attract heat.  There are those here who are here to help.  Take the time to learn the game and ignore the trolls and the temptation of moving up tiers too quickly or you may not enjoy the game as your mistakes will be greatly amplified.  If you need help I will gladly look over any videos you want to send me.  Welcome hang in there one thing try not to post about other players by name as that will only draw heat.



heavymetal1967 #7 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 18:11


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Welcome to WoT OP.  Have a welcome wagon plus one.


It's the internet and it's full of posteriors at all tiers.


But it gets better as you get to the mid tiers per the earlier poster.





Townie_1 #8 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 18:20


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Name and shame is a violation of forum rules, doing this could result in a forum ban.


This game has a steep learning curve, it can be frustrating at times. All new players will have their share of lumps and bumps.  If you get an insulting message after the match, ask them to give you a hand. When I started playing, had a similar situation and asked the guy for help. He became a good friend and mentor.


Watch the game tutorials, YouTube has many great resources along with Wot Wiki. You can always turn off chat and messages if it bothers you that much.


The community does not dislike new players; however, many players are a bit short with new inexperienced players. This game needs new players, hang in there and things will get better. I would be willing to platoon and give you a hand, let me know if you want help. 

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BUNNYHUGGERI #9 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 19:36

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Psssstttt….put your name in the hat.





dnaman #10 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 19:48


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Seriously, Bunnyhugger does these give aways from time to time and he’s legit.  


As far as trolls, ignore them.  There are (as has been mentioned) a number of lower tier players that are just bitter with the world and will bother people who they think they can get away with it.  This game has a seriously steep learning curve.  My first 5000 battles at least were awful.  I was as bad or worse than you probably felt.  I’ve learned a bunch over the matches and am a better player for it.  Stick with it.  Watch the videos and read about how the game works.  You’ll get a lot better.  Good luck.

snailcrusher #11 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 20:32


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Hi The OG1893,

Welcome to the game.

I have been a player since Nov 2018.  I have just over 3,000 games but I still consider myself a new player and still learning.

It is a tough game and there are a lot of trolls.

I like a challenge.  If it was easy everyone would do it.

The Newcomer's Forum is a good place for advice.  However, as soon as I asked a simple question on the forum I was accused of being stupid and a reroll.  I have been attacked by allies and been pushed off of cliffs a number of times.  But, the nastiness has not stopped me from playing. 

I still remember the joy I felt when I killed my first tank.  Part of me didn't believe it.  I thought it was a mistake. 

And when I carried my first game and was the sole survivor I couldn't wait to tell my wife.

Welcome again.

Vava_das_SPGs #12 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 21:06


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View PosttheOG1893, on Oct 01 2019 - 13:49, said:

Is the community really dislike new people? in the Japanese tank you get after the tutorial, its very slow. I find a random battle, and tried following the team but could barely climb a hill on himmelsdorf, and by the time I got up there, the enemy captured the base. After the match, I was harassed byx for being a "reroll" and being reported for not playing. I really did want to shoot at other tanks :( is everyone like that towards new people? Or should I just uninstall now and never look back?


Hello, Og.
Welcome to World of Tanks.
As every other "big" games (meaning about the number of players) we have the nice ones, and the bad ones.
As Tsavo already told you, don't judge us by the action of a sole player.

My very first battle on WoT was with a T1 Cunningham, on Malinovka map (at that time new players could face a map like that).
I didn't knew about crew skills, and neither about upgrading equipments (i.e. radio), and also I didn't knew about the gameplay (where to go, how the chat works, how the minimap works, how to click on the map to show an area, etcetera).
I've saw lots of players just "vanishing" on my visual range, and the remaining green dots on the minimap, where my radio could reach, and the messages turning on on the screen showing that "this and that" tank was killed (beyond visual and rendering range and radio contact).
Yes, I was a complete "noob".

There's a lot of Youtube content creators that you can watch the gameplays and get some ideas how to improve your own.
But I also suggest you to enable the record of your own battles, that you can watch after, to improve your gameplay, your situational awareness.
The key feature of World of Tanks is teamwork. But keep this is mind: if you go to the RANDOM battles, you'll have RANDOM players on YOUR team, and this leads to RANDOM performances / scores / results.
Some players tend to turn World of Tanks on a competitive mode, but this is a game... you can play it just to have fun (as normally some games are designed for).

(Meaning... "Good Luck and Have Fun" ;) )

Again, welcome to World of Tanks. :honoring:

cavalry11 #13 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 22:42


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Yes it is very toxic best thing to do is just ignore them and play. Welcome to the game.

dunniteowl #14 Posted Oct 02 2019 - 01:41


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View PosttheOG1893, on Oct 01 2019 - 10:49, said:

Is the community really dislike new people? in the Japanese tank you get after the tutorial, its very slow. I find a random battle, and tried following the team but could barely climb a hill on himmelsdorf, and by the time I got up there, the enemy captured the base. After the match, I was harassed byx for being a "reroll" and being reported for not playing. I really did want to shoot at other tanks :( is everyone like that towards new people? Or should I just uninstall now and never look back?


No, not everyone is like this.  In fact, very few folks are, overall.  Pretty much no-one knows much of anything about you, though some run modifications that allow them to see players' statistical 'relevance' I suppose, in the matches and a number of them can be pretty salty most, if not all the time and that sort of makes a much bigger impression than the hundreds upon hundreds who will never say anything.


Some folks cannot get it clear in their heads when they see players not doing well that what they might be seeing is someone who is brand new and is still sort of going, 'How do I do this?'


Hang in there and don't take it personally.  After all most of those folks are going to call you a bot so don't rise to the challenge by getting upset, either.


This is the first game I played where the players were just -- sigh -- BRUTAL to each other in chat.  Not all of them, but man is it distracting at times.  I never heard the term "Window Licker" until I played this game.  I've been around a bit and I'm relatively savvy and up-to-date, but that was new.


There are good people playing out here and there are really good people here on the forums.  You can learn to separate the 'wheat' from the 'chaff' both here and in game.  DO NOT give it a second thought.



Now, I like to do this for new folks, so here goes:


Welcome to the Madness that is World of Tanks!



Please, have for yourself, your very own personal copy of: The WoT Welcome Package (version 1)


I put this stuff together to provide Clear, Easy to Understand Game Related Information that ANY New or Struggling to Improve Player can benefit from learning.  No frills, no advanced techniques, no personality entertainment, no simple opinions.  Solid, factual, USEFUL game mechanics and basic concepts of play that will help you play better.


I put it together, because it took me a long time to find it all and I thought, "Why should this stuff be so hard to find?  So I linked it all and provided it to shorten your legwork and give you more time to focus on 'getting gud.'  I like to say, Improve Your Play.




ChaseR392 #15 Posted Oct 02 2019 - 05:24


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Welcome OP,


        Hang in there, don't get discouraged yet. This is a great game, with lots of great players.... but like any MMO, it has its fair share of total d-bags. The forum is much the same way.... lots of good people willing to help if you can wade through the people who are only here to stroke their egos.


Fill us in on what tank you have now? You said Japanese... but the tanks new players get after completing the basic "Bootcamp" tutorial has changed over the years. If we know which tank you have specifically we can adjust our advice a bit to help you out. Lots of tanks have different roles and fighting styles so we can help you wring the most out of what you are driving now.


I also recommend checking out this website: https://wiki.wargami.../World_of_Tanks


The above website has lots of general, useful information, but most importantly, by looking through the vehicle section it will give the basic strengths/weaknesses of every tank in the game. Obviously its not something you can memorize overnight, but it is good to read up on the tank you have, and ones you see most often after few battles....


As others have said.... I'd recommend turning off your garage chat (permanently) and the in-game chat (at least for now). For at least the first 100 battles... the most important thing to focus on is just getting comfortable driving around in your tank, getting a feel for aiming and firing your gun, and taking time to get familiar with the maps and how battles unfold on them. The thing about this game is that has very steep learning curve, it is relatively easy to play.... extremely difficult to master. It is a game of 1000s of battles, not 10s or 100s.


I thought I had this game "figured out" at 1000 battles, at 3000 battles, I realized I didn't know anything at 1000 battles. At 5000 battles, I realized how clueless I was at 3000, and so on and so forth....


dunniteowl's WoT Welcome Package that he linked in the post above is the single, best, one-stop source of helpful info for players, especially new ones.


Get some battles under your belt, don't be afraid to ask questions here on the Newcomers forum, and you'll find lots of people who willing to help.

3nr0n #16 Posted Oct 02 2019 - 16:57


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There is also an in game training area that you will be able to learn how to control your tank etc... 


After the game loads hit the Esc Key while in the garage and it will pull up a menu find the Bootcamp tab and click on it and you will go into a session that allows you to learn some of the basics on the tanks.  You will be the only player all the other tanks encounters will be bots. You can play the Bootcamp session as many times as you want.


There is also a tab labeled Training Center that you can access by hitting the ESC key and it gives you some of the basics of the game also.

And if I remember correctly once you finish bootcamp you are awarded a tank, been a while so I don't remember which one:facepalm:


When you do get back to playing on the server try to look at the mini map as much as possible it will help you in both seeing where your team is at and where the enemy is.  Even at the higher tiers there are terrible players and name calling etc.. don't sweat it  try and please learn from your mistakes. 

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Waarheid #17 Posted Oct 02 2019 - 17:53


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Turn chat off. You'll be much happier. 

That allows you the time to learn the game, learn the maps, and learn the tanks without being harassed. 

1ST_AD_Abrams #18 Posted Oct 02 2019 - 20:02


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View PosttheOG1893, on Oct 01 2019 - 17:49, said:

Is the community really dislike new people? in the Japanese tank you get after the tutorial, its very slow. I find a random battle, and tried following the team but could barely climb a hill on himmelsdorf, and by the time I got up there, the enemy captured the base. After the match, I was harassed byx for being a "reroll" and being reported for not playing. I really did want to shoot at other tanks :( is everyone like that towards new people? Or should I just uninstall now and never look back?

You know you have just walked into what every new player has.  I learned the word Toxic from this game.  I learned more about the reporting system than I did about driving my tank.  I had more and still do of people who even when I do right will be critical and will say everything from moron, idiot, newb (actually maybe only this word once or twice), stupid, go away little girl, just a little boy, go play with your barbie dolls or your sisters, uninstall, go back to tier 1, leave the game and uninstall, don't play, get lost and on and on.  You almost have to have some serious fortitude to stay with this game.  The problem is that most people take a hands off approach in terms of what goes on.  I have made it my mission in games to say, hey that person might be new, leave him alone, if they call it a bot (and only if I am in spectator mode) and observe (which is why I can't report bots as I don't know enough or seen enough so I don't) but afk if the tank doesn't react to being hit even, then I will, if not in spectator I ask has he moved or anything and even then I won't.  I wasn't given a shiny endorsement when I asked for others to step up and shout these individual out and protect the newbie but I think most mainly know nothing will stop those people and figure it isn't worth the fight or time to get in and I can't blame them I guess since some of them have seen this issue for year(s).  I still suck but I will also say something knowing I am fanning the flames.


One post how do we keep new players and other posts get use to it.  I have no idea how this game is still played.  It does have a diehard group of players that are what keeps it going, also there is no really other tank sim like this other than some old single player games (and those don't come close to the graphics, not even within the same galaxy even).


Yes the lower tier tanks are pitiful.  Yes it will take time to get moving towards something better and you will be under harassment the entire time (well not that much but don't expect a day to go by without it.).  Yes your tank will look like it isn't moving when you compare the "promo" videos the what you are seeing.  I am not even going to say what the methodology of the process that is used.  It basically is to me however a leveling game.  Just like any RPG, you start out with a half broken shield, a rusty knife, or really short sword if you are lucky and you get better stuff as you gain the xp.


While I can't believe I would say this, to be fair, give the game a chance.  Post comments about things you need help with.  There are players in this community who are willing to help and some who will take you into their clan at enormous risk to their reputation and their clan to help you.  Surprisingly you will find those players are regular joes (maybe a few janes).  They know what you are going through.


Turning off the chat is a good suggestion as it will mute them but of course you will be limited to automatic/macro commands like negative, affirmative, request fire ..... so be aware of that.  If they chase you outside of the game blacklist them.  Beyond that, don't expect Wargaming.net to be of much help if it all regarding certain players and their abuses as these players simply create new accounts and buy back into the tier's.  Worse is that Wargaming has a privacy policy that even protects the screen name used by that person as if you will learn where they live/etc from the ingame screen name.  I asked them how do we know then that any action was taken, their response, sadly, well if they don't bother you the next day they got a ban or a warning. 


3nr0n, I couldn't get back into basic once I finished it.  Is there a way to unlock basic, if so please let me know.


I think the others have covered anything I haven't included in my experience as yet still new and wet behind the ears player and still suck but I have my moments.  Also when in spectator mode, look for those who have the kills, and watch what they do, it was amazing what you can learn by just watching others.


Welcome to hell and to the best tank sim to date that has so much to offer after you get more into it.

el_01 #19 Posted Oct 03 2019 - 04:36

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View PosttheOG1893, on Oct 01 2019 - 09:49, said:

Is the community really dislike new people? in the Japanese tank you get after the tutorial, its very slow. I find a random battle, and tried following the team but could barely climb a hill on himmelsdorf, and by the time I got up there, the enemy captured the base. After the match, I was harassed byx for being a "reroll" and being reported for not playing. I really did want to shoot at other tanks :( is everyone like that towards new people? Or should I just uninstall now and never look back?

I was in your shoes at one point. You'll learn fast if you put your mind towards the game and decide that it's something you want to be good at. Watch "epic battle" replays. Be inspired. Look at your Tier 2s and Tier 3s. Look at what skilled players are doing in their tanks. Do you want to be them? That's your inspiration. 


Dunniteowl's guide is great, here's some more:


Don't take chat too seriously, but do pay a little attention to it. It was a great motivator for me to start improving. 


Most people don't recommend this at this stage, but go to wotlabs.net and type in your username. https://wotlabs.net/...ayer/theOG1893. You are currently at 63 WN8. That's fine for someone who has 5 battles. Every day, check the website to see if you've done better or worse. Think about why you did better or worse. That's one part of how you improve. I would use this after 100 battles once you've settled into the controls, but it's a good idea for now.


Go into settings, and under one of the tabs, you will find the battle log. Turn on the full battle log. Track how much damage you are doing as the battle progresses. If you are doing your hit points, you are good.


Now, for the more advanced stuff. It seems like a lot, but if you're motivated enough, you'll remember it quickly. 

First, game mechanics. Understanding how the game works will prevent you from being frustrated and will allow you to understand more advanced topics. Link bombardment below.



https://www.youtube....Y2JTiE52mL_1ACt (ignore the tank specific ones, watch them a bit to see if they sound like things you would like to do, the map ones are probably decent).


Next, maps. 


Some are outdated, most are still fine. Some maps you will not see yet. That's fine. When you do, you will be prepared.


Next, tank study. This will help you learn about the tanks you face and your tank.



The first will tell you about the tanks. Click through it, explore.

The second will show you the stats of every tank. Click through it and explore. Compare compares it against a tank in terms of stats and where it can be penetrated.


Finally, some helpful channels and vids to watch for general tips. Some may be advanced, sub to them anyway for future reference.








If you want help, ask for it. The forums exist for that reason.


Look up how to transfer crews to different tanks. You'll remember it better if you look it up yourself. Train with credits, not gold. 


Look up on the wiki what the special equipment does. Don't demount, always sell with the tank. Not necessary below Tier 4 IMO.


Look up skill4ltu's skills guide or the skills guide on the wiki.


I'll send you a PM tomorrow. We can maybe set up some platoons to teach you. Good luck on the battlefield.




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cocobabygirl #20 Posted Oct 03 2019 - 13:16


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The OWL is wise and as so many players here in this forum.  First welcome and enjoy the game it's a blast as you learn it.  I still have a hard time in this game as I move up in tier's and learn.  My best advice is to learn as much about something before you just go and push battle button expecting every battle to go just like your last battle.  Learn and if you hit a wall or get frustrated just post for help here in this forum.  Many great people will give you advice along with videos to watch that should help you.  Also try joining a friendly clan like the one i'm in, that will give you more personally advice and platoon, along with learning sessions to get you along.  Most important is to have fun and remember random battles are random teams are made up with all levels of talent.  Enjoy and have fun.

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