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DRK is recruiting

clan recruiting recruit

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beastzach152 #1 Posted Oct 02 2019 - 01:11


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im not here to tell you how great we are or that we are the best but DRK is recruiting we are just a bunch of buddys that like to play tanks. im going to list the requirements to join then im going to explain what it is we do here at drk.


so you need to be atleast 18 years old and have atleast 4k PR

you also need to be on your way towards meta tier 10 tanks (obj. 140, obj 277, super conq, you get the idea)

teamspeak and discord are required, we use teamspeak for voice and discord as a message board

thats pretty much it we are laid back on our requirements we just need competent players that can follow a call


now for what we plan to do in the clan at the moment we are getting into the swing of tier 8 strongholds we are top 50 in tier 6 and we also plan to start doing advances and clanwars soon when we get enough players with meta tier 10s we have a great caller Indoorwinner is his name he is our clan unicum he calls he is also basically our leader he is a cool dude as are most of us in the clan thats pretty much it just figured id try my luck on the forum please no hate mail and stat shaming as i said above i know we arent the best players out there but we are trying to make something of this clan we are about 50 members deep at the moment anyways take care and have a great day -Zach

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