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Ace Tanker Video Replays

Ace Tanker Replay

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xrays_ #1 Posted Oct 04 2019 - 16:51


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Recently, I have gone through a few of my Ace Tanker matches and converted the replays to YouTube videos. They are by no means spectacular matches, but they all end up with Mastery: Ace Tanker badges, so some people may find them interesting.


Chimera (Overlord): I just got this tank, and this was my third match in it. I was actually surprised it was an Ace Tanker, but dealing 4.5k damage at Tier VIII can yield some nice rewards, nonetheless. It starts out slow, but I'd rather see how my team evolves instead of throwing away my HP early, and my cautious attitude helped secure the win.


IS4 (Cliff): I needed to complete a mission (deal + block + receive 10k damage?), so thought I'd take out an old friendly tank for a test drive. Funnily enough, I completed the mission and received an Ace Tanker badge after just one match. My first (lucky?) shell penetrates an Obj.279e while I bounce in return, making for an interesting opening gambit.


LTTB (Sand River): This can be a great map for scouts, if you play it right. With a little help from a platoon-mate in artillery, I managed to spot and damage lots of tanks, did a barrel roll while shooting, and helped win the match.


AMX 13 57 (Minsk): Although I hate this map for most tank classes, I managed to pull an Ace Tanker out of it this time. This was during the CW Campaign, while I was waiting for battles to pop on the LATAM server, and thought I'd just blow through a match in the meantime. In hindsight, I really should have waited on my last shot instead of trying to simply get more damage by ramming, as I could have found a Fadin's medal if I was more patient.


M41 90mm (Prokhorovka): My team tried to let me down, but I would hear nothing of it. I kept running around, spotting and shooting, resetting when needed, and just trying to stay alive. It turned out to be quite a rewarding match.


I have a few more Ace replays on my channel, if anyone is interested. Please leave positive feedback and let me know if you'd like to see more like this or perhaps specific tank requests (I mostly play LTs and SPGs, however). I haven't put in any commentary over these videos, as that's not my style, but I am contemplating the idea for future videos.



Faster_Blaster #2 Posted Oct 04 2019 - 17:15

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What to say? GG :-)

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