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Micropatch 1.6.1_1 tonight/tomorrow & Polish Rudy BIA crew issue support announcements

polish rudy bia micropatch 1.6.1_1 patch update micropatch

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heavymetal1967 #1 Posted Oct 10 2019 - 02:07


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Micro Patch 1.6.1_1


Created 7 hours ago


Micro Patch 1.6.1_1 will be applied at:

WoT NA 02:00 - 03:00 AM PDT Thursday, October 10th


Patch notes:

  • Fixed some technical issues.
  • Fixes for Error 1011 and 1013


Downtime: Will be approximately one hour


Gotta love "fixes for error 1011 and 1013".  /S  :P 


Anyone know what those errors actually are by any chance? 


And I don't think it's related to this unless this is error 1011 or 1013 since it's not specifically mentioned.  Also this article is after the micro-patch article.




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Rudy Polish Crew Zero Perk Skills


Created 3 hours ago


Greetings Tankers!


Currently, we are aware of an issue which caused the incorrect Polish crews to be delivered for the T-34-85 Rudy. The delivered crews do not have the promised Zero-skill Brothers in Arms perk. 


We are working to have this issue corrected as soon as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience which this may have caused.


Per the article the BIA is not zero xp and also it can be reset.  I was planning on resetting it during the sale tomorrow thinking it was working as intended.  I'll save my gold and wait instead.

Garandster #2 Posted Oct 10 2019 - 03:50


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Do we get to keep the wrong Polish crew?

Copacetic #3 Posted Oct 10 2019 - 04:00


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is it going to take 6 hours?

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