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Voice acting of Wilhelm Mäuschen is disapointing

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FrontenacDuVandoo #1 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 22:35


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Recently I decided to use one for a new German crew, so I picked Mäuschen. I didn't know he would have unique voice over, that was a nice surprise.


But less nice is the fact that it's done in English. It really clashes when all my other German crew speak German.

Then after hearing him for a while, I have to say that his voice acting is poor. At times it really feels like he's just reading some lines.


Has anybody heard all the commanders, do they all use the same voice?

I'd rather know now and assign both of the remaining guys to US/British tanks.

tanopasman62 #2 Posted Oct 13 2019 - 01:32


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I'm running a Duke Nukem voiceover mod, so I had no idea about this, thanks for the PSA.

CanadianPuppy #3 Posted Oct 16 2019 - 14:17


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From what I have heard, the racing Commanders all have the same voice.

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