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Jungle Map


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DevilDog2512 #1 Posted Oct 15 2019 - 11:56


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Jungle Map - This map would would comprise a lower level of streams and tank paths that wind up the sides of four mountains. While in the valley the jungle canopy makes it almost impossible to see tanks below from the mountains above and vice versus. Each two mountains would have entrances that open at two places on the opposite side of the map, one half way up the mountain and the other closer to the top of the mountain. At the top of two mountains would be the flag capture point for each team. The roads eventually wind up to all four mountain tops allowing arty to play as well, but getting arty to the mountain tops would be a secondary challenge that would create an assured win for one side as the range of arty would be able to crush any tank spotted compared to the limited range of other tanks. If arty is knocked out in the beginning then brutal tank to tank battles would ensue in the jungle undergrowth and on the trails below the capture points. Visibility would be reduced by 75% for all tanks on the floor and would increase by 25% as the tank climbed the trails to the mountain tops. 

There would also be various sniping places such as dug out caves, caves behind waterfalls that are accessible from inside of the mountain but not from the outside while also having caves accessible from the outside but not from within the mountains. Natural barriers that would be to be destroyed, would have to shoot several times though, would join contested areas such as a trail blocked on either side by the mountains that would rapidly allow your tank to approach the enemy from the rear. 

A very difficult map to say the least as you could be sitting still and and three tanks suddenly emerge from the thick jungle bush 30 yards away. The map would be 9km by 9km to allow for maneuvering play that would have choke and strong points for either side. Points that once the arty reached the top could easily crush the tanks using them. 

StrachwitzPzGraf #2 Posted Oct 15 2019 - 12:01

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9x9 is way too large -- maybe 2x2 at most -- and as a matter of history -- this map sounds similar to Pearl River (SIMILAR...)

FORREST_3 #3 Posted Oct 15 2019 - 14:34


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What he said..^^^  https://wotguru.com/map-strategy-pearl-river/

_Kradok_ #4 Posted Oct 15 2019 - 15:52


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Bring back Dragon's Ridge and Pearl River....  I'd be satisfied with the jungle motif then...

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