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T6 focused clan. adults only. brand new clan looking for members

adult t6 skirmish tournaments

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TheRealKGGamer #1 Posted Oct 16 2019 - 05:33


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End goal is to be involved in tournaments and make it into the top 20 for tier 6, maybe higher, and take part in tournaments and such when we have a consistent player group who feels they are ready for the task.

Have fun and work together, discus tactics and don't rush off to get merced by someone waiting for someone to anxiously rush ahead.

If you have questions, ask but be respectful.

If you are online and see other clan members on, platoon up, be active.

If you are on and have time during skirmishes, you are expected to participate, if you are requested to participate and are only on for a couple matches and need to leave due to other engagements don't ignore the request, state this to those online through the clan chat, we will be understanding unless we see you online for 4 hours after being asked to assist the clan.

We will do a lot of platooning, this is encouraged so everyone gets a feel for playing together, and it also gets you bonuses to experience.


If interested send me a friend request TheRealKGGamer and we can run some games.

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