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Oliver_Klosov #1 Posted Oct 18 2019 - 08:14


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Bring back anibluerosevamp. concentrate on enhancing game play. like smoke, weather, night battles, and my favorite iron man mode no limit in tier differentiation. but also ani is my friend. please bring her back.

thank you for your attention.


venom286 #2 Posted Oct 18 2019 - 08:54


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antibluerosevamp why does that name sound familiar 

ArmorStorm #3 Posted Oct 18 2019 - 13:27


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Did she get banned?

aniBlueRoseVamp #4 Posted Oct 19 2019 - 18:22


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Thank you Oliver, for the touching moment. Sadly I never left, but yes I was sanctioned, which I was not told what I said that I was sanctioned for. But I would like to point out, that I am not upset about it, and was actually laughing about it. As it gave me a forced break from all the toxicity from other players who, misuse XVM to chastise other players when that XVM user messes up and gets killed I a match. As well as from the toxicity of players who feel the need to use General chat to express their racist, and homophobic views or just out right blame Wargaming for their mistakes. But I’ll gladly take being sanctioned for defending myself, others and Wargaming against toxic people, even if it is extremely rediculess because Wargaming does not perma ban far worse offenders. And I know Wargaming is not alone in dealing with toxic people. But here’s a request for you Wargaming, since Oliver wants me brought back. Please bring back the Waffentriger auf E 100, and put the FV215B back into the game and maybe add the FV215B 183 as a reward tank. I’d also like to see you add the M1A1 Abrams, and some of the newer upgraded versions of older tanks like the M60 TTS to the game. As it would be nice to see the M60 with the 120cm gun on it which does exist. 

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