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Yojimbo50 #1 Posted Oct 18 2019 - 21:01

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I have reached the top tier in frontline and taken my two tanks.  I am now only concerned with making as much silver and xp as possible so the question is this:  Does it help any for either of the two mentioned if I employ the frontline tank reserve or does it do nothing?  They are the ones I won in the game so I won't get any gold holding them.  As always your help is greatly appreciated!

FrozenKemp #2 Posted Oct 18 2019 - 21:43


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The frontline tank reserve doesn't affect silver or xp.

3nr0n #3 Posted Oct 19 2019 - 07:38


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I save my reserves for the upper tiers the grind up to about 10-12 is relatively easy.  As FrozenKemp stated the special FL reserve doesn't affect the XP/credits, but using a 1 or 2 hour booster makes a difference I play about 1 hour at a time so I use the 50% 1 hour reserve for both credits and exp.  That will cover about 2 matches with a break between them.  IF you run a premium account then some credits will go in your vault and then you have a healthier payout the next week.

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