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Tank you Wargaming for awesome changes to HE!

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Jasper_Seven #101 Posted Oct 25 2019 - 23:26

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On the one hand, this is part of the core game play, so I'm glad WG is taking a moment to consider if a change is necessary.  On the other hand, who is really asking for these changes? Did the majority of Russian players answer on the WG survey that HE was ruining the game? Nerf after nerf, there has been almost none where I felt like, "oh, now I can play this round, because that tank on the other side is nerfed and won't ruin my day".  Currently, the two core considerations in discussions that are affecting my enjoyment of any individual round are:


  • MM falsely equivocating certain tanks so a team's playing power results in a landslide. (Landslides from skill, innovation or aggression is acceptable)
  • and maybe changing to rationing of gold rounds, because that would require strategic and tactical decisions in penning other tanks, and rationing puts all players on a level playing field.


And really, only in the landslide from being out classed do I feel like there was nothing for me, no challenge, no chance and a waste of my time.  All other rounds, I do what I can to take the challenge at hand.

Of course, I'm just an absolute average player. So, for me every round is like gambling, where only once in a while something amazing happens.

arrow117 #102 Posted Nov 11 2019 - 01:23


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View PostARR0ZD0CE, on Oct 21 2019 - 03:04, said:

I don't see the need for anyone to have anything else to say because this guy just basically nailed it. But yea everyone wants everything nerfed now when all I hear from all these other people is why do things need to be nerfed when other things can get buffed so not everything ends up being chit? Anyways I'm going to shoot gold and HE and use standard rounds when I want to make credits. DO YOU GUYS NOT HAVE CREDITS? nerf everything because i'll shoot everything and just know if all this nerfing the chit out of everything backfires and this game gets more messed up than it is, it's going to take wargaming a hell of a long time to "fix" it..

Not to mention tanks like the SU-152 and ISU-152, whose stock configs basically force you to use HE rounds, their stock grind  be a living hell once these changes drop because they will only be doing 100 to 200 damage every 13 to 15 seconds

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