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x1.5 XP Weekend + XP Fever Broken?

Missions Error

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Pakka77 #1 Posted Oct 19 2019 - 08:38


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I finally got around to working on the XP fever missions ( Tier 8 )


Win a battle

Be in the top 10 by XP

Do these 25 times.


Get 50K XP


Well I just had a pretty good game in a premium Tier 8 TD,(SU-130PM) Came in as 2nd for XP...

I did not get credit for the game.

So I thought Maybe I missed something.

Go to Missions, Click on the XP Fever at Tier VIII

And bang right there is my TD shown as selected in the Garage.

So I know I I qualified for the mission, but did not get credit.

SU-130PM Score.jpg

Is anyone else having issues with this?

Thank you,


HTTR4Life #2 Posted Oct 19 2019 - 09:12


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Its because you still have x2, was you 1st battle. ONLY VEHICLES THAT HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED X2 COUNT!!!

omi5cron #3 Posted Oct 19 2019 - 11:35


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yea its that extra twist...SECOND win and any subsequent wins count ONLY! you could win 25 FIRST matches in 25 different tanks...and still have ZERO completions.

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