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How did this spotting happen?

spotting help

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8_Hussars #21 Posted Oct 28 2019 - 01:02

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I took a guess at crews and equipment and gave max bonus for the bush... (http://www.wotinfo.n...camo-calculator)

I looks like you can spot him at 146m (moving) and he can spot you at 118m (moving) and it looks like the engagement range is below that.

@12:26 You have the front spotting point of your tank visible while simultaneously blocking your own view ports to the VK.  Sixth goes off 3 second later and unfortunately you choose to not use the building as cover but expose the rear of your tank to the VK in an attempt to get safe.

Troa_Barton #22 Posted Oct 28 2019 - 12:47


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In case you aren't aware if you have a view range that exceeds 445m the extra will count towards reducing the camo rating of enemies within your view range. If he had binocs and a good crew he could have easily spotted you.

If his base view range was 370 and all he had was binocs his view range goes up to 462.50 reducing your camo rating by 17.5. This alone would negate the bush and you were basically sitting out in the open in front of him.

If he also had situational awareness it goes up to 476.38 reducing it by 31.38. Considering you didn't spot him in return he likely has a crew with at least 1 skill because he had to have camo and likely situational awareness to not get spotted provided your crew / equipment is up to par.


Always test a bush before you count on it, peek and back up then wait if you got spotted. If not chances are good but someone may have not been in position to spot you.

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