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50% model

50% model

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EtroopEagelhorse #1 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 08:24


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I've recently uninstalled all my wargamming games; I've become so tired of the bad matches in the standard matches, it was never that way in the beginning but since the introduction of the match making rigging introduced in 2015 and most recently the use of that to create the 50% model the matches have just become so bad they are unbearable and the game just isn't fun to play.


If your unfamiliar with the match making rigging or the 50% model here they are in simple terms.  In February of  2015 wargamming introduced a match making system that will select the matches you get, and the 50% model is meant to keep players at a 50% winning rate so they stay interested.  Now this does not effect clan wars, tournaments, stronghold and other game modes like that; it only effects the pub matches.  I wish they would quit it and go back to the way it was

FrozenKemp #2 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 09:07


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So you're blaming Wargaming for something inherent in mathematics. 

_Katyusha___ #3 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 14:32


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Interesting, so explain why people still manage to get 45% WR. In theory, even a sitting bot would make 48% or more, but that is not the case. People would not complain of losing streaks because would get mostly "win.lose.win.lose.win". I doubt WG is managing it, but actually a better management of the MM would benefit the game.


Your 50% theory is not consistent with your numbers.

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Cowcat137 #4 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 14:38


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Well, once again Wargaming has failed me.:trollface:

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