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AMX 65 t proposed buffs

buff amx 65 t heavy tank balance

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Troa_Barton #1 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 13:42


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The AMX 65 t is a terrible tank with neither the armor to compete in the heavy line, or the DPM, accuracy, aim time, or alpha to compete anywhere else. It doesn't have the gun depression to ridge fight, and can only go hull down if you find cover the height of an entire IS-3. Despite all of these shortcomings it isn't even comparatively fast like it's predecessors oh and it has a giant cupola(s).

Due to tier 8's usually embodying their later tanks I believe a mobility buff would be out of place, it's time this thing got some armor, here is what I propose.

Buff the upper plate to 190mm the same as the Liberté this will be stronger head on but weaker when angled, leave the driver's hatch the same.
Buff the shoulders to 150mm respectively

Buff the lower plate marginally to 130mm
The ground resistances seem to not reflect in game performance there may be a bug.
Reduce aim time by 10%.


This would make the 65 t very tanky frontally (before gold) while still having weak spots, bad gun depression, bad accuracy, bad aim time, poor camo, poor view range, bad DPM, and remains a large target that remains very weak vs artillery / flanking.


This is a conservative request, tbh it could use a lot more buffs, call these quality of life changes.

_Katyusha___ #2 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 15:34


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Blueprint only tank? Why to buff it? Why to play the line at the first place?

cavalry11 #3 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 16:34

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Half to 2/3 of tanks in this game now are blueprint tanks so reply is silly.

Da_Craw #4 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 17:24


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The AMX 65t sucks.  It would make a Dyson engineer horny.  However, the following tanks are quite good.  I suffered through the 65t to get to them.  I am opposed to making the 65t better at this point, no matter how much sense it makes.  Every line should have a dog somewhere.  I'm only partially kidding.  I think the only reason the Caernarvon got a buff was because the Churchill VII and the Black Prince combined were already enough proof that someone cared enough to get to the SuperConq. 

tod914 #5 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 17:29


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The best buff they could give it, would be removal from the tech tree.




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