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Full tech tree reward? Why not?

WG Rewards

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Zanarkand_C #1 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 20:22


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WG could you consider adding a tier X reward tank for unlocking all tank in the game?(tech tree) I don't have them all unlocked yet but I'm close and it's taken so long to get this far and it's so crazy there is no reward for doing this.


Like you love the game, you play the game to it's fullest and WG is just like "Wow nice going, buy a tier 8 premium for all your dedication." -_-


It would be a win, win for everyone. It would be another incentive for players to keep playing the game AND WG could make money cause many people like myself are going to use gold to free XP past lines they don't like. *cough cough arty*


Beyond being a tier X tank it should be unique in some way, heck even having it be a "premium" vehicle that could make credits at tier X! It needs to be worth the grind of every tank in the game.

KillaBeezz #2 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 20:34


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Yes WG. I would be interested in that. I have like over 450+ tanks. 

ElfMagi2 #3 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 20:34


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I be happy with a Badge.

They got a Badge for everything else and unlocking the entire tech tree is no easy feat.

Mr_BushyBeard #4 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 20:39


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I like the idea as a way of WG saying "Thanks for sinking all that time into our game."



Bad_Oedipus #5 Posted Nov 05 2019 - 21:07


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It would be nice, I have all tier 10s researched, and enough free exp to get the rest unlocked.... but they will add another line at some point... what happens to you reward tank then?

Ironmike11B #6 Posted Nov 06 2019 - 01:22


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The only thing they have for unlocking all the tech tree tanks is the Senior Technical Engineer ribbon. Some other kind of award would be cool though.

_Silent #7 Posted Nov 07 2019 - 15:44

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What would you propose happen for each new tech tree added? Would you lose access to the tank or what would you propose?

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