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Multiple Crashes

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Decompression #1 Posted Nov 06 2019 - 22:15


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So i have played tanks for a really long time. Its had some problems, but not in a really really long while on my end. however today, my game keeps crashing while mid game... started about an hour ago. ive been playing a while trying to grind credits so that i can buy more tanks and such. I always let my error report send to WG. did a patch drop that's messing with things or something??

Hans_von_Twitchy #2 Posted Nov 06 2019 - 22:49


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I used to get multiple crashes a few months ago. WG Support got me to try several things (reinstall, update drivers, etc.) The one that worked for me was to go into the Settings > Graphics and check whether I had a "custom" setting or one of the preconfigured settings. I had custom, WG told me to change it to Medium, or High, or whatever else suited my computer. That instantly fixed my problem.


I've retested that a few times since, by manually changing a few of my favorite graphics settings --- my client always starts crashing again.


If you've got "custom", I suggest trying that change.  Sucky software that it can't handle some settings, but it is what it is.


RHeadshot #3 Posted Nov 06 2019 - 23:00


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Game is running worse than crap since the update today.

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