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FV4202 Turret model shape Inaccurate. As well as another tank model bug

1.6 Tanks British Medium Fv4202 premium World of tanks Model Bug Dev

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Guardians6521 #1 Posted Nov 07 2019 - 18:09


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So I’d like to bring to attention the turret model of the FV4202.


in particular the shape is historically wrong. The armor values are not the concern because most tanks armor values now are inaccurate for balancing purposes.


From front on, the turret forehead is too wide at the top, because the turret cheek bits aren’t angled inward enough. Comparison of 1.6 wot model to original fv4202 model circa 9.9

using tank.gg. - credible source for armor models and use in discussion.


As you can see with my poorly drawn points of differences. The turret models are completely different. 
the original SD fv4202 from update 9.9 has the correct shape.  The 9.9 model is comparable to the bovington tank museum example as well as a competitors video game in game tank model.

not sure as to why it’s turret model was developed incorrectly in the transition from an sd to an HD model but I just figured I’d point this out. It’s been really bugging me.


Also, the in game Centurion 7/1 track links are facing the wrong way. In game the links are rotated 180 degrees the wrong way. So the front view of the track links is actually what the rear view of the track links are suppose to be. This has been the case since the 7/1 got its Second HD skin.


tl;dr. Fv4202 turret model shape is incorrect. Figured I’d bring it to communities and devs attention.


Thanks. Hope someone important sees this and maybe addresses it.


9.9 4202 tier 10 on the left Fv4202 on the right

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Avalon304 #2 Posted Nov 07 2019 - 22:12


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I posted this to reddit about 2 years ago:




and this 3 years ago:




Its disgraceful how poorly modeled the FV4202 is.

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HOTA_CHATON #3 Posted Nov 07 2019 - 23:30


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My friend:  They are not interested in historically correct.  Most of these tech tree fillers are nothing more than fantasy, fiction, and imagination.

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