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Missing Auto-Aim Indication

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_Spade_ #1 Posted Nov 08 2019 - 01:37


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I have this option checked in the settings, yet it does not show up when used in game. Is there another step I skipped, or something else I'm missing?



venom286 #2 Posted Nov 08 2019 - 01:57


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No idea Man I have this option as well,and it shows up for me.It could be your mods messing with it I guess.

Harvester_0f_Sorrow #3 Posted Nov 08 2019 - 03:45


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Didnt even know this was a thing, seems pointless too.

CedricMacLaren #4 Posted Nov 08 2019 - 04:21


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One of the problems with autoaim is it is with no indication it is engaged one tends to right click again and turn it off. Then you right click again to turn it on and then again because it doesn’t seem to have engaged which turns it off. Frustrating as heck.  

Griffon327327 #5 Posted Yesterday, 11:07 AM


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View PostHarvester_0f_Sorrow, on Nov 08 2019 - 02:45, said:

Didnt even know this was a thing, seems pointless too.

not pointless .. let say you turn on auto aim but its not locked onto enemy and your waiting for the lock and turns out it was turned off or time expired ?


it is nice to know so you can clic it back on .. like wise you turn on auto aim to fire at an arty ..center mass is no big deal and you are actively looking for that hidden high armor TS actively looking to 1 shot you


if you spot the TD you want to see an indicator that auto aim is ON so you can hurry up and turn it off or it will auto aim at center of TD and your round will harmlessly bounce off


there are mods that show this more obliviously then vanilla mode .. install a mod for this  autoaim indicator built in game is utter garbage a mod replacement is simply a more reliable visible feature and in no way illegal


attention moderator im sure your engwish is very bad so go back and re read the posting and use google translator to verify I am talking about an auto aim "indicator" that shows auto aim is on or off and in no way shape or form talking about wargaming illegal warpack auto aim feature where you have people pay a subscription fee for an illegal mod supplied by wargaming to bolster the pay to win feature of this game


as in pay enough money and wargaming removes the random part of RNG so you hit what you aim at // always   ever see a light tank take a turn to fast and roll over and somesault 5 times or more ? yes we all have but have you ever seen that light tank shoot 3 enemy and kill all 3 commanders and set them on fire while doing all them flips and somesaults ? I have ... 

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