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Stop Three arty battles

three arty three artillery 3 arty artillery

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MA2_Mako #61 Posted Nov 24 2019 - 07:49


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View Postlow_bidder, on Nov 19 2019 - 13:20, said:

How many artys are too many? answer is anything more than 1


Maybe WOT should have an arty battles using 12 artys per side and three squirrel tanks as spotters.

Dude arty is part of the game deal with it. your argument is kinda funny seeing how arty have been nerfed to the ground.. I remember them using AP and one shotting tier 10 heavies. There used to be a time when seeing 5 on a team was not uncommon.... The Dev's have said time and time again that " although arty is frustrating at times it is and will be apart of the game"

Blue_Light #62 Posted Nov 24 2019 - 08:12

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Clicker only maps would be nice. Then they can sit on the back line, unmolested while they shoot, and kill each other. Go kart maps only maps is a good idea. Since game is titled World of Tanks, have tank only maps. Give the player base the option on whether they want to play as clickers on clicker maps, little Johnnys in their go karts only maps. Or play World of Tanks on tanks only maps.

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