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Tanks and anime collab literally when?

tanks anime ships

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LewdPrincess #41 Posted Nov 10 2019 - 22:38

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View PostDa_Vinci, on Nov 10 2019 - 15:41, said:



Not sure where you got the idea of them scantly wearing any clothes from, but it's obvious you're projecting your own prejudices on a vastly different media than what you're used to. Girls in anime wear the same normal clothes, and likely more clothes compared to just generally trashy people.


You're on a game forum fighting people over the internet over what you deem is morally corrupt, and invalidating their views while you yourself are clearly not the paragon of virtue, as shown by your vitriolic posts. This isn't even something you need to crusade over.


Liking anime doesn't make you a [edited]just like how watching crime drama or owning guns doesn't make you a serial killer.




He is a sheet meme with attenzione sindorome, Hi, mom im making memes on NA FORUM. 

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