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E50M E50M Skin

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Nelyus #1 Posted Nov 10 2019 - 09:15


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The new 3D skins for E50M "Revenant" are really awesome, especially all the observation devices and barbed wire.

The name of the style reminds me that E50M is kind of left for dead...

The tank is still good but for the tier 10, it is less and less competitive.

At its release, as top tier for mediums, the E50 had the best accuracy in the game.

Most of the characteristic were carried over to the E50M, with some additional tweaks, especially the engine in the rear.


Some announcement by the developer mentioned about reviewing tanks that has lost efficiency. The E50M was mentioned but it's the Leopard 1 that got all the good improvements. The E50M was left behind. I am hoping it is still planned to review it.


The E50M used to have the most accurate gun in the whole game. (the least dispersion).

It was bested by the W.T.E100 that now is replaced with the Grille 15.

And before that the Leopard 1 was given a cannon with exactly the same stats, it was a bit upsetting but gave a nice mobility option to German medium.


Many new tier 10 have been added to the game and always a bit stronger. Making the E50M going towards obsolete.

The review on the Leopard 1 was nice but its even more upsetting that the E50M cannon was completely left behind.


Leopard 1 now has everything better than the E50M, minus the armor and some little less penetration on the premium shells but it is APCR which is a lot more useful than HEAT. E50M armor is not much help, blocking damage is a lot more luck than anything else. Which is probably the same for the Leopard 1, the Leopard 1 turret can block as much with little luck.

Tier 8 tanks can easily pierce trough the E50M armor.


So the extra speed, of the leopard, faster reload, higher alpha damage, lower dispersion... all that don't make up for the extra little armor E50M has.


Having played E50 back to its tier 9 as the top of the line, and then E50M since the very day it was released to the game.

I am hoping to see E50M have some help soon.

I think its good that E50M and Leopard 1 don't have exactly the same cannons anymore.

But what I am hoping to see the most, is;


-E50M to have the best accuracy in the game again, back to 0.26 like it used to have or was it 0.24?

Most importantly, E50M needs dispersion reduced and be the most accurate in the game again.

Because it can have Vent, and the Grille 15 can't, 0.26 would make it more accurate than the Grille 15.


-Increased Alpha damage, I would imagine E50M should have higher alpha than the Leopard 1 because it is heavier and also have 5 crew members, not only 4.


-A better turret ! The shape is nice, maybe have it slightly bulkier. Somewhere in between E50M and E75 upgraded turret.

-Increased View Range!


-Maybe a bit less ground resistance, it feels E50M has trouble to start moving but the top speed is great.


-It was sad to see the only tier 10 German tank with auto-loader taken away; W.T.E100

Maybe the E50M could have some kind of loader so Germany is not left without any tier 10 auto-loader?

As long as it does not mean sacrifice its accuracy.


Thank you for your time reading this, and considering some of my feedback and suggestions.

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JakeTheMystic #2 Posted Nov 10 2019 - 10:04


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Or... They could just add more German lines instead of giving us; Wheelies, Russian bias, premium tanks, Jap TDs, ect, ect. 


But no, WG is too preoccupied with releasing garbage tech tree tanks so they can continue to sell op premiums.

_mlg_taco_fire_ #3 Posted Nov 10 2019 - 17:22

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I love my e50m, its still great if played properly 


but even at its utmost greatness, i do think the e50m is still falling behind


the speed is great for armor, but the turret is such a prominent weak spot


the gun is amazing in terms of accuracy, gun handling and everything, but the dpm is little lacking when pressured

Spammy #4 Posted Nov 11 2019 - 23:33

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IMHO give the turret a good buff and   it's problems are solved.  

Nelyus #5 Posted Nov 15 2019 - 08:45


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In almost all cases, whatever you do in E50M, the Leopard 1 would have done better; faster reload, less dispersion, better alpha, much better mobility, better view range, better damage per minute, better camouflage, better gun traverse...

...do I have to name everything?

All the E50M gets is a lame armor that even light tanks tier 8 cannons gets trough with ease. While Leopard 1 turret has similar chances to block damage because of its dome shape. Oh, and also E50M has radio range +1m over Leopard 1...


Go to garage, compare vehicles; Leopard 1 vs E50M. Notice the Leopard 1 is green almost everywhere over E50M.


Even the shell penetration is better for Leopard 1 over E50M;

Leopard 1; 278 APCR / 323 APCR  

E50M;         270 APCR / 330 HEAT   (HEAT is nice but a lot less useful than APCR)


I think the E50M needs;

Dispersion dropped to 0.26, like it once had at first. At least 0.28 so it does not let Leopard 1 get everything better over E50M.

Alpha average damage should improve to somewhere in between 408 to 418.

410 Seems fair, considering more and more tier 8 are doing over 400 & Leopard 1 standing at 410 alpha has the same caliber.

Finally, shell penetration increased to 300 for APCR. Maybe 340 for premium. I would definitely prefer a 330 APCR over a 350 HEAT.

(I don't think there are any regular HEAT ammo in WoT, but I would like to see a regular 300 HEAT with premium 330 APCR on E50M)


About the turret, I think Masahiro Ito had a good idea; Spaced Armor added to the turret and the sides of the E50M, as the sketches for Revenant Style suggests.


Even with if those changes were applied, the Leopard 1 would still have much better mobility, better view range, better reloard / rate of fire, and better damage per minute too. Better gun traverse, better aiming time. And better concealment. Making the Leopard 1 a lot better in all handling aspects over E50M. Wouldn't that sound more fair than Leopard 1 getting almost everything better over E50M?

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