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I didn’t used to suck this bad...

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Guido1212 #21 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 13:46

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View PostTeephud, on Nov 14 2019 - 00:07, said:

So I used to play this game a few years ago, and I clawed my way up to a wn8 of about 1400. I wouldn’t say I was great, but at least above average. I switched to ships for a year or so, then dabbled in fortnite, before (gasp) giving up games altogether... Somehow, I got hooked on tanks again a few months ago, but I just suck now. It’s really frustrating. There are a couple new maps I had to figure out, but otherwise I feel like I should be doing better. My stats are spiraling outta control.  I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong now. 
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, though I would prefer constructive, even if the right answer would be to uninstall ...

The game is much harder in terms of solo stats.  The balance is bad with very overpowered tanks.  The map metas are stagnant.  We have a metastasized TD and Arty meta where aggression is punished immediately.  So it’s not easy these days to push the high end of stats unless you stick  to the meta tanks and play very very carefully. 

venom286 #22 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 13:50


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View PostGuido1212, on Nov 14 2019 - 07:46, said:

The game is much harder in terms of solo stats.  The balance is bad with very overpowered tanks.  The map metas are stagnant.  We have a metastasized TD and Arty meta where aggression is punished immediately.  So it’s not easy these days to push the high end of stats unless you stick  to the meta tanks and play very very carefully. 

Sounds about right.

gatorken #23 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 16:46

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Play a few rounds of ranked and you'll feel better about randoms.

J0hnnyDrama #24 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 17:01


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Could be worse, could have the Beta tester badge and have everyone laugh in chat cause you have less than 100 battles.


In all seriousness, I used to care about stats when I started playing games, but now that I am a little older, I can't be bothered to stress about my wn8 or K/D for other games. I just want to have fun and worrying about my stats every game just takes the fun out of it for me.

Lab #25 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 17:29


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View PostStoddo_, on Nov 14 2019 - 03:27, said:


Why would that prevent progression?  If your crews are better you're going to perform better and score more (progress faster).  They practically give away zero skill crews these days - you shouldn't be rolling into tier X or IX with less than 3 skills in every crew - like . . . ever. 


Another tip - if you play a tank poorly - park it or sell it.   Play the tanks you do better in you will enjoy the game more.

WHAT ? My crews can have more then 1 skill at 100% ?

dunniteowl #26 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 19:42


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Here, this will help you -- IF you take the time to read the linked items.


The WoT Welcome Package (version 1)


You can also just focus on YOU playing your best.  Madog's post is pretty good advice to get you out and away from worrying about your stats, per se.


This is what I spend (spent) most of my time thinking about during a match:



Do Damage

Help Your Team


It's my Mantra for Play.  In that there is no mention of stats, kills, spots, camo values, etc. 


All that comes from reading the information linked above and viewing the video linked sections as well.  During a match, you can't stress out of, "How much damage per minute am I doing?"  You can't focus on, "Gee, I'm bottom tier, I can't do anything," because, firstly, yes you can do something, just not dominate like you'd prefer.  You can't be wondering, "How do I sidescrape in this thing," while you're in a dustup -- that should aready have been considered before you got where you were when you needed it.


All that stuff provided in The WoT Welcome Package (version 1) was a collection of the most useful, clear, accurate and easy to understand information I found during my quest to 'get gud,' which is ongoing.  I didn't write ANY of it, but I sure as hell used it to my benefit.


Other than that?


1)  Stats are there for YOU to see what YOU can do to Improve Your Play.  It's not there to laugh at others or have others laugh at you.  It's a simple set of metrics by which you can measure how well you are:  Sidescraping, Angling, Aiming and Penetrating Your Targets, Spotting Units Without Being Spotted, etc.


In short, you learn a new technique, trick or tactic and while you're applying it to your play, your stats will show you whether or not that is helping you -- or, more likely, if you need to go back and revisit the item you are learning and find out what you are missing.


That's ALL stats are for.  During a match, you don't have time for that stuff.  It's for later and for review of PAST Performance.


2)  You can only do YOU.  This means that worrying about how that player is over there doing X or this player is right here doing Y is unimportant beyond how that will affect what YOU are going to do in the next 5 to 30 seconds?  Any other thoughts of your team mates is unimportant and is unproductive mental energy wasted.  So DO YOU and ONLY YOU. This does not mean, "Don't care about your team."  It means you can't angst and upset your self over folks that clearly are worse players than you are.  The more time you spend thinking about what they are doing is LESS TIME you are giving you to think about what YOU are doing.


So, just do YOU.



3)  Mindset is Key.  If you feel like you're upset, depressed, losing hope of succeeding, etc., you will PLAY WORSE, period.  This is an inescapable truth of the Human Condition.  Morale and Confidence are important contributors to your play.  Treat them properly.  Remember, it's JUST a game and you're here to have fun.  So the more you focus on how you do what you do and the better you get at that should provide you a 'buffer' against being demoralized to some degree.

If you hit "Battle!" and are already thinking, "Why am I even playing this game," then you are NOT going to perform as well as you could otherwise.  This means you are already triggered before you start the match.  Take a break instead.  Spend some time reading or watching the linked video sites and focus on HOW you can place those ideas and concepts into YOUR playing.  This is MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE than sitting in repeated loss after loss and feeling your morale and your 'fun factor' just being drained away.



4)  What is a Game?  ANY and ALL games, to be a game, have this in common:

      A set of enforced rules and limits on what actions you are allowed to take in the game environment.

      Limitations that are designed to make the game challenging, though, through knowledge of the game rules, can be overcome.

     An Objective for Success, based on being able to work within those limitations, that you must achieve to Win.


Every game is designed to teach you how to work within a situation with several limits on your freedom of action to overcome the challenge of achieving that objective stated in the game rules.


In short a game is supposed to teach you to use your mind and knowledge in a creative and focused manner to overcome obstacles to achieve an objective.


They can also be valuable social tools as well as personal tools.  When you lose in a game, repeatedly, is it ever considered appropriate to storm off, yell and scream, throw things, tip the board over or insult your opponents, much less your own team mates?


NO!  Not ever. So games are also there to teach you to win with some sense of humility and lose with dignity.  Take this section to heart and you will find ways to keep your cool under pressure and keep it FIRMLY in mind each time you feel like:

    Yelling at someone or something

    Blaming someone or something

    Insulting someone or something

    Being Angry



Then you can use this to help you get your calm back:  This is the Mantra For Focus I use when I get upset about things (and it happens more than most might think based on how I generally conduct myself, in game and in the real world).


Stop that!

You don't have time for that!



I repeat that to myself if I have to until I can actually smile and laugh at how silly it is for me to even be upset playing a game.



I provide ALL of this as a hopeful entreaty to you, OP and any others that might be able to use it, in order to have MORE FUN PLAYING!


I didn't learn or dig through all that stuff just to be a better player.  I did it, because when I started down that path, I was NOT HAVING FUN and I sort of expect to have fun and enjoy myself when playing games.  That's MY Expectation and any time we have expectations that are not met, we get unhappy in some fashion.  I was very unhappy with my fun factor and I decided that it was in MY control to do ME.


I can't learn if I think I don't need to.  I can't learn if I think I know all I need to.  I can't learn if I am not willing to.


Well, if you're not doing as well as you'd like, guess what?  You need to learn more.  It's always something we don't know, missed or completely overlooked that stops us from succeeding.  This includes sometimes just being in places where you just aren't going to win, no matter what, so do your best and be okay with that as a moment you can learn to dig deep and soldier on, just to see if, maybe, just maybe, you can come out on top by NOT GIVING UP on yourself.




This leads me to my last bit of advice, which is simple, safe and effective for improving your performance:


5)  Pay Attention to the Game ON PURPOSE!



Good Luck, Have FUN & Hope to See You on the Battle Field!


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