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Wargaming ruining their own game with lack of control

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Death_By_RuRu #1 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 18:25


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I know this might have been addressed a lot of times, but I want to keep the counter going on to see if they ever decide to do anything about it.




Is there a way they will ever do something about bots? I guess not, because most bots pay the bucks at least to be left alone with botting, but at least for me it is becoming more and more the reason I want to stop playing. WARGAMING doesn't care that we start a random battle and find ourselves alone in the battlefield, because half of the team is moving their turrets from side to side in the friendly base, or in the middle of the game a tank just plains stop moving with its gun pointed down.


You can report 10 bots in a day, I bet you can spot 10 bots in less than 10 games and even if you report them, they never tell you what happened with the bots, because they just have a counter that will not fire unless a bot is reported by a huge number of players.


In game chat should inform someone is being reported (I have seen that functionality in other games, even with a chance to replace the player), but in World of Tanks you never even see if other players took action, which makes bot reporting pointless.


Users should be able to see something like:


xxxxxx has been reported for inaction 

xxxxxx has been reported for inaction (2 times)

xxxxxx has been reported for inaction (3 times)


..., that way more people during a battle would be encouraged to report someone for not being active in a battle.


Even better would be


Someone in your team wants to replace xxxxxx (reason: inaction, votes in favor 1, votes required to replace: 11) 

Replacing xxxxxx has been upvoted (reason: inaction, votes in favor 2, votes required to replace: 10) 

Replacing xxxxxx has been upvoted (reason: inaction, votes in favor 3, votes required to replace: 9) 




I guess many will say that using such information would encourage players to create false reports. ¿Who cares? the worst case scenario will be that someone will be reported for 1 battle, not constantly, so nothing will happen to him, but bots will be reported battle after battle after battle and even better, they might not even be able to play.


Number of available reports should only decrease when the user reporting is the first to report someone, what I mean is:


xxxxxx has been reported for inaction (Couter for player reporting should decrease 1)

xxxxxx has been reported for inaction (2 times) (Couter for player reporting should not decrease)

xxxxxx has been reported for inaction (3 times) (Couter for player reporting should not decrease)


Please WARGAMING stop thinking only about profit and do something for the ones who really appreciate the game, before it dies.


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WhineMaker #2 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 18:30


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Ante up some money, to cover the losses from the bot accounts, and it's likely WG will take action against the bots. And no, I'm not advocating to retain the bot accounts, just providing a realistic opinion... :ohmy: 



Why, because WG is not in business to lose money... :coin:


SquishySupreme #3 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 19:21


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Honestly unless you re playing on the SA server, bots are rare.

Now, if you are talking about afk/useless players, the thing is, it's a free to play game.  If they had a subscription model instead, you could have a claim about it causing you a problem since you are paying money.  But since you are not, you have to deal with bad players as well.

_Tsavo_ #4 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 19:22


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The team vote system I don't think would fit here, lots of players with too few gears upstairs to know good, correct play from whatever they want and the likely "kick" votes they'd call for. 


Unfortunately, for Bots, there's a few well known ones and since they purchased stuff I guess the rules don't apply.   They get resets instead of bans.  Botting is never accidental so a wipe is asinine at best, malicious at worst since its basically complicity at that point. 


WG does a bunch right, I think, but one of their biggest fails is how they handle bot accounts.  

highex #5 Posted Nov 14 2019 - 19:27

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i hear about bots frequently.

i have been called a bot occasionally.

but i rarely encounter a situation where i can point a finger at a bot that might just be a player as bad as i am.

is "bot" the new "noob"? 

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