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Good wn8 bad win rate

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BlackFive #41 Posted Nov 16 2019 - 22:19


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View PostSaffron_Blaze, on Nov 16 2019 - 20:48, said:


That's bunk. I play TDs almost exclusively and my WR has been trending towards 57% lately.

Not going to argue that - I've been positive w/r with TDs as well: but you miss the context of my answer to the OP's complaint.


TDs can attack = / = a fully support role.  Arty cannot attack (effectively), and thus places the player in  largely dependent role (while yes, effective players providing good arty support can = higher win chance, in general arty is the most subject to 'teams' of any class).  OP complained of high numbers but poor w/r while playing arty.  Thus, b/c arty is the most dependent class upon other players actually taking steps to win... 

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