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tournaments every day


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Comandante_Nahuel #1 Posted Nov 17 2019 - 00:48


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Hi, I wanted to talk about tournaments. Now you can participate every day, with different schedules and different levels. This gives a chance for everyone to participate, given the possibilities of time and tier gives chances to all players. I HOPE THIS DOESN'T CHANGE IT, SO YOU LET THEY KEEP PARTICIPATING TO EVERYONE. I USE THE TRANSLATOR SO I ALSO LEAVE THEM IN SPANISH. THANK YOU.

hola queria hablar sobre los torneos. ahora se puede participar todos los dias, con distintos horarios y diferentes niveles. Esto da una posibilidad de que todos participen, dada las posibilidades de tiempo y tier  le da chances a todos los jugadores. ESPERO ESTO NO LO CAMBIEN, ASI DEJAN SEGUIR PARTICIPANDO A TODOS. USO EL TRADUCTOR ASI QUE TAMBIEN LOS DEJO EN ESPAÑOL. GRACIAS.


Kramah313 #2 Posted Nov 17 2019 - 01:45

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I sadly haven’t been able participate in any recently but the offerings look much improved over what they were for a while. The prizes look better too, and the cap time has even been extended a bit on some of them. Nice work by WG on these IMO. 

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