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Feedback: XP Fever missions

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Casual_Boops #1 Posted Nov 19 2019 - 00:07


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Another feedback thread for the XP Fever missions we've had over the weekend a handful of times in the past year or so:

Overall I think the event is really cool-- It gives me a reason to focus on grinding premiums of a certain tier spread, and at the end there's a big bonus to XP (that I personally use with Accelerated Crew Training on to significantly boost crew XP). Overall, I like the events.



My suggestion would be to expand the XP fever missions duration to be over an entire week (rather than the current Friday-Saturday-Sunday duration). The tier 8 mission requires 25 wins (after the first win) to get the huge bonus XP, so most people will get the mission zero or one time per weekend. If the duration was increased, you'd probably have much higher participation because people could work toward the prize over a longer time and actually get there (in some cases perhaps more than once).

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