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How to download WG Game Center updates without Peer2Peer connections

Game Center Peer2Peer Game Center Errors Cant download game center cant download updates WG should have tested more why did they allow this

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Can't download updates on your current internet connection?


This workaround guide shows you how to download Wargaming Game Center updates if you can't or don't want to use Peer2Peer network connections.

Video Link: https://www.youtube....h?v=hFtRJd0CF04


This written guide exists as a google document as well, here:



Required programs:

1.  Relhax Modpack (V2) - https://relhaxmodpac...al-public-beta/


(If you can’t download .torrent files over HTTP or using just the modpack fails)

2.  Tor browser - https://www.torproject.org/

3.  SocksCap64 - https://sourceforge.net/projects/sockscap64/



1. Download and install the above programs
2. Open Relhax Modpack
3. Click “Diagnostic Utilities”
4. Click “Download WG patch files…”
5. Select the exe (or ico, or check "updating for WG Game Center") of the WG client you wish to download updates for and click next
6. Close the Game Center if it is currently open
7. Wait until the window populates with update information and click next
8. Wait for the application to download the required files.
9. After complete, close the modpack and open the game center.
10. The game center should detect the new files, hash them to verify integrity, and immediately install them.


(If you can’t download .torrent files over HTTP or using just the modpack fails)
11. Open the Tor Browser from the “Tor Browser” folder -> “Start Tor Browser” shortcut and minimize it.
12. Close the Game Center if it is open
13. Open SocksCap64 (admin if you can, but normal should work).
14. Click the arrow to the right of “Apps” and click “Add an executable file”
15. Give the profile a name
16. For command line, click Browse and navigate to “C:\ProgramData\Wargaming.net\GameCenter” and click on “wgc.exe”
17. Click OK
18. Click the “Proxy” Button
19. Click the plus button in the Proxy Manager window or right click under “Local Socks” and click “Add a new proxy”
20. Double click inside the Address and type “”
21. Double click inside the Port and type “9150”
22. Click "Save"
23. Highlight the Game Center Icon and click the “Run button”
24. It will be slow, but it should now perform any previously blocked activity. It should proceed to step 10.

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