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PZB Recruiting Again

clan recruit campaign

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Waldomite #1 Posted Nov 20 2019 - 00:42


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Are you interested in joining a good clan? We are top 30 clan and we have a great group of guys that have been around a long time. PM Waldomite if interested :)

- All members must adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined in the Wargaming End User License Agreement (“EULA“;). We have a zero tolerance for any forms of cheating or use of mods that enhance your combat effectiveness beyond that of other players.

2- All members must have a working headset/microphone/Teamspeak3. Communication between [PZB] [PZBA] members and participants is English.
All nationalities are welcome so long as you can understand and speak English to a basic level.
◕ You are required to idle in Teamspeak when you are online.
◕ NO Race, Politics, or Religion in Teamspeak
◕ In the event Voice Activation becomes a problem you will be required to utilize Push-To-Talk.

3- Good Call, Bad Call, whatever the Call - Follow it! Don't go rouge - Don't throw away your tank - Push means PUSH!

4- The Caller
When we agree to play in a competitive group, we must do so with an understanding. Someone has to be in-charge and make the call.
The Caller is the one who has the final say and commands the detachment.
The Caller's concept of operation, intent, task organization, movement orders, calling targets, tempo of battle, is at his sole discretion. The rest of the team must be chill and utilize patience, keep communication short and sweet.
No contesting The Caller's tank choices. Do your x2 on your time not on team time.

5- Avoid Whining! Getting killed happens and is a part of the game. Please don’t Complain or Whine Constantly.
"I missed, I can't pen his armor, I can't believe he spotted me"...gets old!
Never underestimate the power of RNG in battle. It often shows up to give a lucky win or an embarrassing loss.

6- Take criticism and do as you’re told. Don’t defend yourself or talk back when a Battle Caller tells you something. Just do as told and be positive about it.

7- Don’t give up. No matter how badly you were thrashed by the enemy team.
Remember that all teams have to lose eventually and in some cases badly as well.
◕ Be humble in both victories and defeats.

8- No rage-quitting or rage-suicide. Rage quitting is unacceptable. The game can get frustrating; we understand that. Sometimes all you have to ask for is a quick 5 minute break to calm down, gather your thoughts, and then return. If you need to step away from the event, we ask that you calmly say or type in chat (Hey guys I need to go).

9- [PZB] [PZBA] is very generous with providing boosters, Please do your part and earn some industrial resources to help cover the costs.
We have no rules on box counts but if yours is always empty this will be factored in when making room for new recruits!

10- Check your ego, Nobody is greater than the team. Your stats do not define how you act within the ranks of [PZB] [PZBA] Let your skills and marksmanship be seen on the battlefield.

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