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Game Loading Tips

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KashDat #1 Posted Nov 26 2019 - 04:17


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Does anyone know know anywhere the tips are that you see when a game loads?

dunniteowl #2 Posted Nov 26 2019 - 04:55


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If you open your client (hit ESC) and look under the General Settings tab.  There is a section near the bottom right hand side of the choice boxes.  They are all about the Load Screen.


Your options are:  Tips, Mini-Map and something else (I cannot currently play or even open the client due to WGC requiring P2P to update).


I recommend that you choose "Show Mini Map."  You will still get tips as the load screen loads, however your view will be of the map you are about to play upon, which shows the spawn points, including which side you'll spawn into.  This will allow you to start looking at the map with a fair idea as to where you'll be spawning into when the Countdown starts.  This is a bonus 30 seconds or so you'll get to plan your actions before the game starts.  Hard to pass that up, really.


If you select only the tips, then I don't remember what you'll see, but I think it will be a general overview of the map you'll be playing from the perspective of the side of the map you'll be starting from.


I hope this is about what you are actually asking for.




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