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Suggestion: Special D-Day Frontline Event in 2020

Frontline Normandy Event

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Cowcat137 #1 Posted Nov 27 2019 - 15:38


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Hey Wargaming how about a special D-Day Frontline Edition ?  Using the Normandy Map of course, run a filter for select vehicles that were historically present.  In addition the attackers would be American/UK/French (even Polish if you released a Polish Sherman Skin) while the defense would be German.


You can limit artillery per front so the same code could limit Tiger I's and Panthers, etc. 


For example start out with 75mm Shermans, Cromwell B's, M10 TDs, M5Stuarts, Achilles TDs, Heavy tanks would be the Jumbo and Churchill.  M7 Priest SPGs and Sextons. 


Facing off at start would be Lynx, Stug III (L48)/Stug IV's, Panzer III's and IV's,  Jagpanzers like the Marders and L48 JagPz IV. Wespe/Hummel SPGs


After the first set of caps is taken it would unlock additional (front limited) vehicles like the Tiger I (short 88),  75L70 JagPz IV and Panther (75L70), Jagdpanther


Allies would get access to 76mm Shermans M4A1s ,Hellcats, Fireflies , Heavier Churchill marks, The Comet.  There may need to be limits on these numbers as well.


The Germans would have heavier tanks but take away their air strikes/scout flights and buff air strikes for  the Alllies to balance. 

cavalry11 #2 Posted Nov 27 2019 - 19:37


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Could be fun and challenging.

SargeanTravis #3 Posted Nov 27 2019 - 19:41

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I want to see how you could make this work, a lot of these tanks I enjoyed heavily. Would one have to have one of these tanks to play, or would you be randomly assigned to a team and given all the tanks you need to play?

Cowcat137 #4 Posted Nov 27 2019 - 22:50


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They could offer several rentals to make sure peeps have access to at least a couple of viable tanks.. Would be a particularly friendly event for new-ish people 

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