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T-46 gun

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Gunn_Fyter #1 Posted Nov 28 2019 - 08:18


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This thread is inspired by an old thread I found in a Google search from the EU forums. In that thread, the recommended gun for this tank was almost unanimously the 45mm, but that was on account of the fact that this vehicle could still see tier V tanks at that time and the pen would be needed against those. Now that low tiers only get +1 MM at worst, does this make the 37mm automatic more viable or is the 45mm still the way to go? 

Winterlander #2 Posted Dec 01 2019 - 16:09


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I would still go with the 45mm as you will probably see a bunch of Matildas (playing at Tier 4) and will need the penetration on the 45mm gun to go through them.

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