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PZB Filling open slots to crush the campaign :)

Fun Competitive CW Mature

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Waldomite #1 Posted Nov 28 2019 - 22:47


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We are a pretty competitive clan that seeks to maintain a fun toxic-free environment. If your seriously into tier X's and enjoy CW, Campaigns, SH's, and tea activities than we may be what you are looking for!!!


Self-Govern - Common Sense - Self-Control
If it were only this easy....So in order to keep our clans moving the way we want Policies are in place
[PZB] [PZBA] Clan objective is to be competitive without having strict rules.
Such rules like Minimum attendance, maintaining a minimum PR, WN8, or win%...

[PZB] [PZBA] is now and has always been a fun and safe environment for both its guests and its members.
If you like drama, If you can't control your anger, If you like to complain all the time, or if you are not willing to be a team player,
Hit the X in the top right corner of this window and spare us the hassle! Go scrub and be a toxic [edited]in PuBs.

Our Team’s strength depends upon all members understanding the basics:
The tank, Every tank has it's own pros and cons.
Not knowing your tank or an opposing tank, either makes you an easy target or non-effective player in battle.
Your role, If you don't know your role in a battle, you'll be useless and giving enemy advantage against your team.
The ability to read the mini-map (Situational Awareness), group tactics, You should always think with strategy.
A mindset of shared damage, focus firing, Don't be selfish; by acting alone and not helping the team.
Making shots count, communicating efficiently,
Capitalizing when necessary, relocating or defending intelligently/safely, Do not throw away your tank needlessly
Doing as you were asked efficiently and effectively, I the caller says push all thanks push at the same time.

Evaluation Criteria for Member Performance:
◕ How well you represent yourself, the team, and the Clan using our procedures?
◕ Your relationship with our Clan Members?
◕ How Involved are you with our Clan Members, Platooning, Detachments, Teamspeak?
◕ Your Teamspeak Etiquette?
◕ Obtaining required Tanks from Acceptable tanks for [PZB] [PZBA] «Clan Ops»?
◕ Able to fulfill multiple roles when the situation calls upon it?
◕ Your Battle Performance / Resources Earned?
◕ Where you and your play style fit within our clan?

The following Clan Policies / Code of Conduct provide instructions compiled to help [PZB] [PZBA] carry out routine operations.
These procedures aim to achieve efficiency, quality and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to be an efficient Team.

Clan Policies
You Must Be 18 and/or Mature To Join
Training & Practice: Sundays at 6pm EST
Participation in clan training activities is not mandatory, but will be factored when making room for tanks in Clan Battles, new recruits on the roster.

Getting picked for Clan Battles:
Not everyone will be in every battle, the proven players will be picked first. When we fight a highly ranked clan the best players with the best tanks will be used first. Do not be discouraged this is Competitive Team play and you are a member of a big team. Please Remember that we fight a lot of battles and you will get used.


Code of Conduct

1- All members must adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined in the Wargaming End User License Agreement (“EULA“;). We have a zero tolerance for any forms of cheating or use of mods that enhance your combat effectiveness beyond that of other players.

2- All members must have a working headset/microphone/Teamspeak3. Communication between [PZB] [PZBA] members and participants is English.
All nationalities are welcome so long as you can understand and speak English to a basic level.
◕ You are required to idle in Teamspeak when you are online.
◕ NO Race, Politics, or Religion in Teamspeak
◕ In the event Voice Activation becomes a problem you will be required to utilize Push-To-Talk.
◕ Avoid Whining! Getting killed happens and is a part of the game. Please don’t Complain or Whine Constantly.
  "I missed, I can't pen his armor, I can't believe he spotted me"...meaningless or useless chatter in comms.

3- When we agree to play in a competitive group, we must do so with an understanding, Someone has to be in-charge and make the call.
The Caller is the one who has the final say and commands the detachment.
The Caller's concept of operation, intent, task organization, movement orders, calling targets, tempo of battle, is at his sole discretion.
Please don't contest the caller's decisions - show some respect to the caller and the team.
Good Call, Bad Call, whatever the Call - Follow it! Don't go rouge - Don't throw away your tank - Push means PUSH!
Meaningless or useless chatter in comms causes confusion - Don't speak over the caller.
The worst results are for the teams which its players are playing individually.

4- Opt out when you can’t give 100% in Clan Battles. If your having any situation that prevents you in any way from giving 100% we understand. If a member is having an off night and failing to perform up to standard or if the member is having technical difficulties the member should give up the spot and step down.

5- [PZB] [PZBA] is very generous with providing boosters, Please do your part and earn some industrial resources to help cover the costs.
We have no rules on box counts but if yours is always empty this will be factored in when making room for new recruits!

6- Check your ego, Nobody is greater than the team. Your stats do not define how you act within the ranks of [PZB] [PZBA] Let your skills and marksmanship be seen on the battlefield.

7- Never be afraid to ask questions or for help, we have many players that have answers and/or help. Always be willing to help out a clan member in need, Platoon up, play together and have fun. If you want some info on your own everything you need is here: https://wiki.wargami.../World_of_Tanks

All recruits accepted will be on a 30 days trial basis.
Participation in clan activities is not mandatory, but will be factored when making room for new recruits!

 Ignorance of any of the above is no defense.

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CITY_MORGUE #2 Posted Nov 30 2019 - 06:25


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i fell asleep 

SnowPanzer #3 Posted Dec 13 2019 - 03:10


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Might be interested

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