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yowillgetkilled #1 Posted Nov 30 2019 - 22:00


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Clan: TBB2


Clan Portal URLhttps://na.wargaming...1000011205/WoT 


About us: In TBB2 we play to win and succeed. We are looking for new members who share a common interest as we do, doing and succeeding in clan related events (Strongholds/ Clan Wars). I myself have over 100K battles played and enjoy teaching players from new to 8+ year veterans. As a clan we do a variety of things from Platoons to Tier 6+8 Strongholds to clan wars!



~Want to be a better tanker? We can help with that.

~Want to be a caller? We can help with that.

~ Want to earn some gold? We can help with that.

~ Want people to platoon with? We can help with that.

~ Must be willing to participate in clan- related events/battles.
~ Minimum 1,000 battles played
~ Put forward your best foot to our community/group and have a positive
~ Have a minimum of at least one tier VIII

~ 16+ Years old

~ **Absolutely must listen to clanmates/officers in and out of battles**


Diplomacy(Who to contact): For the quickest way of expect a reply, please message myself (Annihilator#3700) on discord. Additionally, you can also join via Discord Server - linked below.



Thank you for your time and I wish to be hearing from you shortly!

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