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Hi, cool game

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humblesbud #1 Posted Dec 01 2019 - 23:40


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This is a nice game but I've noticed some players have special badges beside their names. These people are merciless to us newbies and make it hard to learn how to play. Is there not any way of stopping this? It get's really annoying after like, the 15th match in a row.

GenPanzer #2 Posted Dec 01 2019 - 23:43


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Nope. Have fun and welcome.

Ratnikk #3 Posted Dec 01 2019 - 23:48

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Only way to remove badges is with the help from mods. https://wgmods.net/ The one called Aslain is a megamod pack you may find something that could help you with that. Welcome to the game lets see how long you last before you see how horribly unbalanced this game is.

cavalry11 #4 Posted Dec 02 2019 - 00:21

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There are a lot of players who are total jerks, it is just something you must deal with they never go away.

borderrat #5 Posted Dec 02 2019 - 04:02

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Unfortunately, this is how some long time players inflate their egos and stats.

Just something you have to play through.  

It does get better in the higher tiers.

Good luck and welcome.

ChaseR392 #6 Posted Dec 02 2019 - 04:14

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Welcome to the game OP,


     Don't let people get you down, just about everybody is probably guilty of raging a bit in chat from time to time.... but people who do it in the low tiers where people are supposed to be playing to learn have a few screws loose.


For now, I'd recommend turning off your in-garage and in-game chat. IIRC, both can be turned off under settings. The in-garage chat serves almost no useful purpose and it a favorite of miserable chumps who can't let it go after the battle is over. At low-tiers there is almost no teamwork in battle so the in-game chat serves little purpose as well.... but it can be useful in higher tiers (although teamwork is still rare in Random Battles).



dunniteowl #7 Posted Dec 02 2019 - 15:34


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Yes, this game is BRUTAL to new players.  It was like that when I got here, too.


That said, there's really only ONE thing you can do about it:  Learn to adapt to it.



Those badges are indicators of certain Events, Missions, Campaigns or other things that they have "earned" a badge for that can be displayed alongside their name.  Use it as a marker of how much experience that may be displayed in general.  Some badges have more 'oomph' than others.  Like, there are badges you can win from having reached all 13 stages in a Hallowe'en Event, which really doesn't mean all that much, because you could literally buy your way to it without expending the effort, for example.


Then there are Campaign badges and those have a bit more 'weight' to them for the person displaying them.  I have a fair number of badges myself, though I just don't feel inclined to display them.  For others, it is a sort of 'brag' display.  I wouldn't worry about them overly much.  The badges, I mean, not those who display them.


In this game, Knowledge is King.  So when you are new and going up against better players in the lower tiers, this is called Seal Clubbing on the part of those players who habitually and/or permanently remain in tiers 1 to 3 or so.  Again, I wouldn't worry too much.  I considered them as my "Drill Sergeants" at those tiers.  In other words, I looked at those guys as the ones who would force me to learn to deal with them.  After all, irrespective of what we may FEEL about what they do, they are, at that point in time, a better player and thus one should attempt to wring out some education from playing against them.


This game requires a thick skin.  On the field is pretty much where ALL your real training is going to take place and no-one on your team has time to coddle you, they're busy doing what you're trying to do:


Do Damage

Help Your Team


So they're not going to 'take you under their wing' so to speak, even if you ask during a match.  There's really no time for that unless you platoon with someone before you start playing and have them take you along.  During a match where you're learning how to play, that's sort of hard to achieve.  And, when you're new, it's hard to find someone who WILL take you under their wing in the game.  I have been in a Training Room twice.  Each time it was one of those where someone would just allow anyone to enter while they were there.


I learned Nothing Useful for me in those two times.  You can't enter a Training Room by yourself.  Bit of a problem, that.


Good News!  You are here in the forums!


If you are interested and willing, The WoT Welcome Package (version 1) provides all the necessary and basic information about the game to allow anyone to play better.  It covers pretty much everything you should know in some form in order to understand the game to play better than you did before you knew it.


It's a compilation of: Game Mechanics, Tutorials and Guides on the most Basic and Useful Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Tank information, along with some very excellent Video Sections related to playing better and knowing more about the game.


There are no: 'flashy' personalities, entertainment videos, opinionated manifestos or anything geared for advanced players.  It's just solid, Beginner to Intermediate Level information that, if you use it, WILL help you play better.



Welcome to the Madness that is World of Tanks!  Hang in there, the opening is rough.  It does get better if you accept the challenge this game offers.




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WIZD #8 Posted Dec 02 2019 - 18:35

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View Posthumblesbud, on Dec 01 2019 - 23:40, said:

This is a nice game but I've noticed some players have special badges beside their names. These people are merciless to us newbies and make it hard to learn how to play. Is there not any way of stopping this? It get's really annoying after like, the 15th match in a row.

The badges are for completing special events the only ones that matter are the diamond shaped ones. That's means they are good enough to complete the campaign missions. Also go to tankrewards.com and sign up. Each month you can earn free stuff and the top tier reward is a free premium tank. As for toxic players welcome to World of Tanks. Ignore it. You came at a good time they used to shoot you.

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