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Screen Freezes Up During a Battle

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hookester #1 Posted Dec 02 2019 - 23:23


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During a battle my screen freezes for a few seconds (about 5/6 seconds) and my tank can end up anywhere. I am running graphics on low.


Thanks for the help

HoboTX #2 Posted Dec 12 2019 - 01:13


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Mine's been freezing up for months but never returns like yours.  Usually have to close out the game and restart.  3 or 4 times every day it happens.


With or without mods, it happens.  Safe mode, it happens.  Spectating a platoon mate after I die, it happens.  Even just sitting in the garage, it happens.


Reinstalling the game does not help.  Playing vanilla does not help.  Rebooting the computer does not help.

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