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[-SSS-] 2nd Spearhead Squadron is looking for a few more Tankers

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Salty_Enema #1 Posted Dec 03 2019 - 19:07


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Join us on Teamspeak: 2ndspearheadsquadron.clants.net

We are the Second Spearhead Squadron. aka "The Trip S".

We are hard-working and honest. If you are here to join, we welcome you! If you are not, then prepare yourselves.

2nd Spearhead Squadron is a dedicated Clan Wars clan that does clan wars/Advances EVERY NIGHT!

We consider ourselves more of a community than that of a clan. We have been together for nearly 8 years, and we intend on staying. We are always looking for new recruits.

2nd Spearhead Squadron are here predominately for the fun and entertainment of the game but saying that we are a Clan War's clan and members are required to join Clan war's and stronghold's.

2nd Spearhead Squadron wants people who put the team first and who can get along well with others minus any drama.

We try to have competitive CW balancing with the real lives of our players.

We realize many of you are parents/ have jobs/ real-life etc and can't be here every day but still want to partake in competitive play.

meet or exceed clan average PR/Win-8
Working Mic with the ability to use it !!!
18+ years of age,
We require you join our Teamspeak 3 server when you are in-game, as it's great for teamwork and organization. Also, we have a good laugh at times so its not all serious playing!
Be able and willing to participate in Clan Wars and other Clan functions as scheduled or requested.
be open to constructive criticism/correction/advice.

Positive K/D ratio
Positive Damage ratio
Hit ration near or above 66%

DaMushu #2 Posted Dec 12 2019 - 04:03


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