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Having >445m view range worth it?

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Saffron_Blaze #21 Posted Dec 04 2019 - 07:40


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View PostRothbardian, on Dec 04 2019 - 00:19, said:

I agree get the view range. Go with optics over binocs so that you have 496 all the time.


Fair advice except for stealthy TDs. In that case binocs are the way to go.

golruul #22 Posted Dec 04 2019 - 20:06


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High vision is more important in the lower tiers because vision games are more effective there (because there's a wide variation in view ranges).  If your tier 6 460m view range spots a tier 5 enemy at 400m and you start firing, they probably won't be able to spot you -- you can kill them with impunity. 


However, same scenario in tier 10 will most likely result in you getting spotted after you fire.


That said, I'll stack view range (optics + vents) in light tanks because simply because they're a light tank -- bit of roleplaying.  I'd probably be more effective without optics, but eh, who cares.

comradekillshot #23 Posted Dec 04 2019 - 21:32

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From my research it seems that the Type 62 has not the best stationary camo rating. That being said it is also tier 7, and unfortunatley will see everything from tiers 5 to 9. In the high tier games you would want coated optics and play more actively because if you start bush shooting your going to get spotted. In low tier games your going to want to go with the camo net and binocs method because the lower view range will probably allow you to shoot without getting spotted. My best light tank games are typically this set up, minus the wheelie bois. Which by the way, are great and you should grind one out.



Camo net


Skill Vent



Fire extinguisher

small med kit

small repair kit


Skills, in learning order


Camo + 6th sense

deadeye for the gunner and anything to increase view range


In my honest opinion jack of all trades is one of those, get it at the end because you can use med kits. I don't have it on any of my tanks anymore because you can use multiple med kits and repair kits after the cool down.

Gang_Starr #24 Posted Dec 04 2019 - 21:37


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Binocs on LTs past tier 4 is a waste. Optics every time.

comradekillshot #25 Posted Dec 04 2019 - 21:42

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View PostGang_Starr, on Dec 04 2019 - 15:37, said:

Binocs on LTs past tier 4 is a waste. Optics every time.


MiddleAgedNoob #26 Posted Dec 04 2019 - 21:59

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View PostThePigSheFlies, on Dec 03 2019 - 20:50, said:

for me, most of the maps in rotation don't support using binocs.


that being said, on many of my favorite LTs, I have 5+ perks, and run optics+vents+food to help with view range.


I've spotted as much as 13k assist with the 1390 when it was a tier 8, running optics.  and 9k with the even 90 this year.


most often, I spot to set up my own shots, and/or to ensure I've identified a seam to go get behind the enemy with, if things go south.  if the team shoots what I light, then that's a bonus.


that being said, I don't have the type 62.  T71 / Amx 1357 are too ♥ for me to buy it even 40% off.


This is my standard set up as well, but, for auto loaders, a rammer isn't an option, which makes vents a natural choice.  I usually go vents anyway, as I like every bit of camo factor, VR, maneuverability, and dispersion and aim time reduction I can get.  It will depend, however, on the play style.  The Type 62 plays a bit more of a combat role, so your trade-off analysis might be a bit different.


By the way, this camo calculator and comparison tool http://www.wotinfo.net/en/camo-calculator is a great tool.  It's not being kept up-to-date anymore, so it doesn't include newer tanks, but the data for the tanks that it does include appears to be correct.





Grillo_Parlante #27 Posted Dec 04 2019 - 22:22


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You don't want to be shooting from a bush and getting spotted in either low tiers or high tiers.  You lose almost of your camo once you fire.  In either case you want to back up and double bush.


A fully pimped out type 62 hits 36.2% camo without camo net, which is competitive with the high camo French lights at the tier.  If you aren't running camo directive, you still get 34.73% camo, which is very competitive for the tier.


Many of the tanks that its going to fight in its range are going to struggle against 33-34% camo, and its certainty competitive with what the other lights are doing.  Its not going to be particularly prone to being outspotted when sitting in a bush with those numbers, or after firing when double bushed.


It's a 60 kph top speed light tank, so the camo net isn't going to help it when moving into position, or during an active run, which is when its most vulnerable.


The type is also one of the most competitive vision tanks in the tier.  If you're running a normal optic setup, you push out to 485 meters, which is a lot better than most of its tech tree competition, considering it doesn't sacrifice firepower or camo to get those numbers.  The wz 131 caps out at about 460, the LTG 448, and while the T-71s have higher base VR (they cap out close to 500 meters with optics), they also have much worse camo (and in the case of the CMCD, worse firepower).  The SP1C has the best raw scout stats, but makes huge sacrifices in about every other area to get those stats.  


There is really no reason to run a camo net though, as the 62 doesn't have a camo problem, unless you have a particularly bad crew, and are working with sub 30% camo values.  If you want to go with a full scout setup, you would go vents, optics, binos before going with the camo net.


Keep in mind I'm not a big anti-bino guy (on tier 8 or lower).  I can understand someone wanting to drop rammer to run binos on this specific tank, because its reload and dpm are already so good, and with binos you can get out to 551 meters view range.  The argument against that is that pushing from 485 meters out to 550 meters doesn't justify the opportunity cost of dropping dpm, when you consider that the maps are less friendly to passive spotting, and what you're dropping is much more impactful than vents on a French light, or rammer on a British light.

Mikosah #28 Posted Dec 04 2019 - 22:40


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View range values above 445m are a great thing to have, they are still relevant for cancelling out more of the enemy's camo. There's plenty of tanks in the middle tiers with massive camo ratings and it pays to have view range to spare to counter them. If you were running a crappy crew without BIA or view range skills, then there's fair reason to run binoculars if only to have high view range when you need it. With a good crew, just swap to optics. Even for tanks that are normally not expected to spot anything, going without either is not advisable.

TigerAce07 #29 Posted Dec 05 2019 - 09:22


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My rule for LTs is:


1) can you reach the 445m mark with skills and coated optics? go for optics. If the answer is No, better use Binos till you get everything on that tank to switch to opts for that juicy 445m view range.

2) Many ppl here say camo net isnt worth taking it, but i think the opposite. Maybe all maps arent open and some have very close combat-related distribution, but ive found so many small bushes in the mid-game, that using a camo net on the LT can make you turn around the fight just by passive spotting.

3) Remeber this: "dont fire unless you are two bushes-camo worth hidden". Most LTs dont have good alpha dmg, so losing your spotting position and getting spotted for that those lame 150 hp-dmg from your gun is not worth. Only shoot when you can finish an enemy or if you are well hidden.


My main composition for LTs are:

-Crew skills (in order): Sixth Sense, Camo, BiA, Recon/Situational Awareness, SmoothRide/SteadyShot, other skills for movement/repairs.

-Equipment: Camo, Opts/Binos, Rammer (if the reload time is high) or Vents.

-Consumbales: Big RepKit, Big Med, Auto-extinguishers/Food.


Good luck :P

Hijak #30 Posted Dec 05 2019 - 23:06

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My Type-62's View range is over 500m, and it seems I can spot stuff just entering my view-range no matter what.  It is nice and allows me to grab that much needed spotting assist dmg

cheapbooks #31 Posted Dec 06 2019 - 00:20


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View Post_PoliticallyIncorrect, on Dec 04 2019 - 00:55, said:

It makes no noticable difference. You will literally never lose a single battle because you had 460 view range over 560. It would be like running GLD over Vert stab. 


Many years ago I did testing in the training room. I detected enemy tanks at a much closer range (within 445) when I had the maximum view range.

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