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the night before Tanksmas


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zzzip #1 Posted Dec 07 2019 - 14:47


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~~~~A Night Before Tankmas.

 Twas the night before Tankmas, and all through the house,
  The only sound heard, was my clicking a mouse.

 The tanks were lined up, with time counting down.
  There I sat wondering, valley or town.

 With one last check, of the opponents we faced.
  We all sped off, like we're in a big race.

 The arty backed off, looking for cover.
  While the scouts ran around, for their long distance lover.

 The mediums went hill, the heavies dug in.
  We all knew how quickly, the fighting begins.

 Little red dots, appear on my screen,
  Hoping like hell, I haven't been seen.

 Someone shot out, and shells started raining.
  And it won't be long, fore someone's complaining.

 Then through my scope, a target emerges.
  Locking on gun, to release my urges.

 You killed me one shot, you must be a hack.
  Says the tank, with the hit ammo rack.

 A blast from my cannon, the next almost dead.
  Now he cowers, at the sound of my tread.

 Boom' went my gun, and pop went his lid.
 enjoying the moment, and see what I did.

 I see in the box an urgent stress call,
  A glance at the map, our cap might fall.

 we had to make choice, push or return.
  So little time, so much to discern.

 with reckless regard, and the roar of my engine.
  I turn around fast,and go help my brethren.

 A rattle of hits, as cap comes into view,
  I'm taking damage and they're killing my crew.

 I look at my map, to see where's the rest.
  Oh' we could win, if i do my best.

  With a large clank, they've broken my track,
  I shoot my last shot, and save our own cap
  The team rolls their base, but ours is still ticking.
  It's down to the wire, i find myself thinking.

 My tank is a wreck, I've done all i could.
  But low and behold, win it we should.

 When your holiday joy, is starting to fray.
  Just remember the time, that you saved the day.

 By zzzip and WulfofVengence

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cavalry11 #2 Posted Dec 07 2019 - 15:31

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Very good poem, thanks a lot.

__WarChild__ #3 Posted Dec 07 2019 - 15:38


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Really well done!





zzzip #4 Posted Dec 07 2019 - 22:27


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View Post__WarChild__, on Dec 07 2019 - 15:38, said:

Really well done!





T             Thanks WarChild... can i get one of those free tanks you're giving out? lol

feel free to post a link on your codes page for the holiday's


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Permantly_Clueless #5 Posted Dec 16 2019 - 02:00


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THANKS ZIP!  Good one.  Cheers!

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