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Nerfing of the Birch Gun


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Rezawk001 #1 Posted Dec 10 2019 - 00:17


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Why has the max elevation of the Birch gun been reduced from 

70 degrees to

45 degrees to

37.5 degrees at the present time 


A birch gun cannot run being possibly the slowest tank in the game 



The Birch Gun was the world's first practical self-propelled artillery gun, built at the Royal ArsenalWoolwich in 1925.

The initial prototype, the Mark I, made its first appearance in January 1925 and spent the next year undergoing trials and taking part in manoeuvres, mainly with 28 Battery, 9th Field Brigade, Royal Artillery. The lone Mark I was transferred to 20 Battery, 9th Field Brigade RA, who then took delivery of three Mark II Birch Guns in July 1926, followed by a fourth gun in September. Improvements included changes to the both gun and (very complex) sighting equipment: the top-mounted recuperator was repositioned below the barrel and a gun shield provided for crew protection. In all five vehicles the gun was pintle-mounted towards the front of the vehicle, and had a 360 degree traverse and a maximum elevation of almost 90 degrees, allowing them to be used as anti-aircraft artillery.[4]


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AndrewSledge #2 Posted Dec 10 2019 - 00:37


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The 18 pounder has a gun elevation of 37.5 degrees, while the 25 pounder howitzer has a gun elevation of 70 degrees, according to Tanks.gg. Different guns will have different arcs depending on their size, etc.

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