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What is this tank?

poland tank destroyer t-34

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awarfield #1 Posted Dec 11 2019 - 08:19


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A long time ago I was looking into Polish TD's, and I came across this tank with the name "TD-34."  I've lost the original source, and I haven't been able to find out anything else about it, or even is the drawing is a fake for that matter.


Perplexed, I decided to do my best to decipher and translate the Polish text:


The top seems to read:

     Dziecki pryspauaniv wieży do kadłuba w prusty sposób uzyskuje się obniżoną sycu tką zestãnouiskien do zamontowania dniałr.


     Simple arrangement of the turret to the hull in a seamless way is obtained with a lowered system of assembly kits.


And the text in the bottom box is:

     Projekt niszczyciela czołgów na bazie T-34
     przy minimalnych kosztach
     Zajęcia teoretyczne


     Tank destroyer project based on the T-34
     at minimal costs.
     Theoretical development.



It also seems to be signed E. Masivk, and dated November 20, 1956.


The best I can gather from this is that it's a low budget proposal for a locally produced T-34/85, yet the text at the top seems to imply that it was for conversion of existing T-34/85 tanks, why would the Poles want to remove the turret? More perplexing still is that Poland bought the license to produce the T-34/85 in 1951, and was producing them by 1952 as the T-34/85M1.  These questions seem to suggest that the design is sadly one of many fake Polish tank drawings floating around the internet (ie. B.U.G.I.).  Unless I've maybe read the date wrong and it's instead 1946, which would make more sense for a low budget TD to get the Polish military back on its' feet, as well as refit damaged T-34/85's.


As for WoT, the TD-34 is the best unique Polish TD I've stumbled upon and it'd make a descent tier V, similar to the SU-85 (maybe slower but with more armor and a similar gun?)


But do you guys know anything about this tank/project? Is it even real?


PTwr #2 Posted Dec 11 2019 - 08:59


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By welding turret to hull we can easily obtain lower silhouette with place to mount cannon.



Project of TD on base of T-34 with minimal costs.

Theoretical drawing. 

Side view.


I'd say its fake, or school project, at first glance because:

- wording sound non-tanky

- wording sounds too modern

- design looks bad


I can try searching deeper using my homefront advantage, but ETA for that will be 10 hours due to real life. 

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