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Reskin file and texture error questions

skin super hellcat texture .dds paint.net

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Kernel_Budgie #1 Posted Dec 22 2019 - 05:03


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I recently wanted to try making my own textures and skins for vehicles, but I am running into some issues. I painted the Super_Hellcat_hull_01_AM.dds and saved it using Paint.net. In the garage it looked fine, but when I launch a battle, the Super_Hellcat_hull_01_GMM.dds file made the hull look bright purple from far away and vanished to reveal my painted skin when I zoomed in close. After doing some research, the Super_Hellcat_hull_01_GMM.dds file needed to be saved using the "BXT5" setting selected in Paint.net for it to be read properly by the WoT game client.

Now my Super Hellcat looks like the screenshot attached. I am unsure what other files besides the Super_Hellcat_hull_01_AM.dds and Super_Hellcat_hull_01_GMM.dds that I need to modify for my skin to show up properly. I tried looking for a tutorial, but none of the ones I have found so far seem to work or address the issue I am encountering. 

I am using Paint.Net to work on the .dds files.

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