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Tech Tree Suggestion to avoid confusion

training the wrong tanks tech tree highlight tech tree rows tank training

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AntiHero007 #1 Posted Dec 24 2019 - 22:00


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Some of these tank lines go up and over other tanks that might not be needed to level.  Some tank lines, the middle tank unlocks 3 tanks near the end. This can be very confusing. Especially when trying to spend points fast, you glance at the line and end training the wrong tank in between battles.


Suggestion.. we select the tank / tank line TX when want to level to... the entire row to that tank highlighted... we may also just to select tanks we don't want to train into. This will prevent loosing large amounts of exp training things we don't want in the first place. Keep in mind I think this is intentionally made this way so we do blow xp that we don't want to waste or you would already have had this UI working.

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