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Tech Tree Reward? Why not WG?

WG Stinks

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Zanarkand_C #1 Posted Jan 01 2020 - 21:15

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Why is there no reward for unlocking all tech tree tanks? Beyond just a "medal" not even a badge.


I think there should definitely be a tier X reward tank for unlocking all tech tree tanks in the game. It would reward every single player, you don't have to be a purple player or anything. You just got to play the game! It doesn't even have to be a OP tank like the 279 just something neat or even an average tier X tank that could be the only "premium" tier X tank in the game. As in it can make credits or something along those lines.


I imagine you could earn it by unlocking all the tech tree tanks and if WG adds a new line it would just become locked until you research that line as well.


I think this would be a win-win for everyone, gives players something to work toward (especially if you've already finished the campaigns) and WG would also make money from people buying premium time or gold to hurry past tanks they don't much care for.


If this was a reality I wonder what the tank would be, a long while ago I thought the Obj 777 v2 would be a good fit but now that is a tier 9 tank. Anyone else who might like this idea have a tank in mind that could fit this role?

rawdawg13 #2 Posted Jan 01 2020 - 21:48


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sounds like a great idea to me :) Its not like its easy to do.

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