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AllieOop2 #21 Posted Jan 05 2020 - 22:58


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View PostJoe_WireShark, on Jan 05 2020 - 19:26, said:

really, post under your real account or go piss off, talk about a noob, if you truly have 14 battles AllieOop2, you have nothing valid to say. so good luck faker

Joe here is a full case of Kleenex you probably need it daily. EU boy they have rule cant use that account for this server. Please post some more ignorant comments like how arty kills the first one spotted is a bad thing in a war game? Need some more humor today

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Exiledcrow #22 Posted Jan 05 2020 - 23:02


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View PostSokkies_1, on Jan 05 2020 - 15:54, said:

Why cant they restrict artys by 1 per battle cause how must you focus on youre game if theres 3 artys in every battle. I know lot of people will say its better then players wont camp but really you focus on shooting an enemy tank in front of you and a noob or 3 noobs playing artys keep hammering you from the sky its not nice.


It's YOUR fault for being grammatically challenged.

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