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On Track to E100 - shame on you WG!

on track e100 rental lowe

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PisnUoff #21 Posted Jan 12 2020 - 07:01


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Getem boy 

WeSayNotToday #22 Posted Jan 12 2020 - 10:01


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View Postgospodar_muva, on Jan 11 2020 - 16:21, said:

Really??? Really??? 


The reward for finishing the On Track to E100 is a Lowe rental for 20 victories???


So you were giving out tier 5 and 6 tanks in the past and gold compensation, then you decided it was too much. Then you started giving out tier 2's 3's, and a little bit after that only the Locust IIRC with silver compensation. Now you think that's too much as well???


What's next? You're gonna be giving 10.000 silver to those who finish it?


Cheap... Shame on you!!!


This is a bad change.  On-Tracks used to make grinds easier, with good rewards.  You could achieve the conditions for the match reward almost every match!


Then they continued with easier grinds, but with only ok rewards.  You could still achieve the conditions for the match reward almost every single match!


Now, you have to grind much more difficult conditions EVERY SINGLE MATCH to get that match's same [as previous] reward of exp+ while grinding for the same or comparable rewards.




Imagine thinking "Hey!  The E100 is On-Track, I can now quickly get past the DerBrunchWagon, that famously awful grind.*"


... and then finding those crap missions!  The "Rushing down the Line" mission is essentially IMPOSSIBLE in the DW2.


The only reason to even try that line is for the unfortunately over-tiered but legendary Tiger and Tiger 2, which new players will discover are not good tanks for newbs, and do not measure up to the legends!


These new missions combined with the E100 line are laughably bad.


I usually use On-Track to investigate or chase a particular tank, now, hard pass.


Just think of the newer players thinking these missions might actually HELP them!  Ha!



I think the Lowe Rental is too convince you to try to get the Lowe sometime, and it is not a terrible reward.  You still get the garage slot, it seems.









*[if you have less than 6k battles.  If you have more than 6k battles, grind of DW2 is simple]

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Xumos #23 Posted Jan 12 2020 - 22:04

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Why even bother grinding the E100? The 60TP is an upgrade in almost every conceivable way.

SargeanTravis #24 Posted Jan 12 2020 - 22:53

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I always did the On Tracvks for the increased XP gain and discounts, but as the Pz IV line apparently doesn't exist and the game thinks you want to grind through the DW2 instead kinda put me off. Shame, was really looking forward to working towards the VK 100.something and even the Maus

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