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Way to control cheating without costing WG customers

cheating world of tanks fair play policy hacks suggestion feedback mods matchmaker

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LeaveIT2Beaver #21 Posted Jan 14 2020 - 02:15


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                       he cheated ... once...

Smooky_Le_chien_husky #22 Posted Jan 14 2020 - 02:57


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View PostRadio_Demon, on Jan 14 2020 - 01:06, said:

1 holy that is some of the worst English I have ever seen

2 different servers have different rules for what mods are allowed.

you only good for insult people when are only do a effort to write... you better get a life man

Hornet_Legion #23 Posted Jan 16 2020 - 18:44

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View PostRadio_Demon, on Jan 14 2020 - 02:05, said:

You do know the worst thing that cheat mods can do is show tanks out of render aim for you and show where objects fall.  If you are a trash player it isnt a auto win like in fps games

A lot of players get complained about cause someone got shot without their sixth sense going off. they automatically think someone cheated. However a lot of players will simply aim at known locations where tanks usually hide. they also fire a places where a tank was spotted by someone else and they make educated guess by observing objects near to where the tank on mini map or by guesstimating terrain elevation. they might also observe trees falling while they are looking in that direction, or arty may see fences collapse or trees fall over while they are birds eyeing a location.


Basically like playing battleship by educated guessing. its is called advancing fire, suppressing fire etc etc.in the real world.


There is no way to know, for sure, if they are using beyond render cheats or permanent markers on the minimap where objects have fallen or broken.


I know mods that use written command code are easier to spot than other mods. Lately a lot of players are using exe. files to inject game cheats into the game that give it capabilities that the hardcoding of the game will not allow. by using exe. files they can bypass hardcoding limitations.


finally wargames allows many files to be modded that are not hardcoded, that if they were truly concerned about cheats they would take such easily modded files and hardcode them while allowing other less threatening folders to still be modded.

george68 #24 Posted Jan 20 2020 - 21:51


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cheating too much in this game and you even know it every time you take their defense. one knows who uses forbidden ways but no measures are taken

BadCorps #25 Posted Jan 21 2020 - 16:18

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Ah s***, I pressed W too many times in too many games.

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