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[Update] Dawn of Industry Event is Delayed

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black_colt #81 Posted Jan 16 2020 - 15:57


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View PostJambijon, on Jan 15 2020 - 07:51, said:

Greetings Tankers!


Unfortunately, due to some potential issues that were found, the Global Map event Dawn of Industry was supposed to kick off on January 16. However, after the discovery of some issues it was decided to be delayed until February 13 so we can get all the kinks out.


For more information on the delay and the event itself, follow the link provided below.


[Update] The Dawn of Industry Event is Delayed


We apologize for this delay but we'd rather not take a chance when it comes to these more large scale events.  Once we have additional information we'll be sure to update you!


Thanks for publicly announcing this.  Disappointed that the event will not happen as announced but would rather the event be without major issues.


I am surprised that there has been another delay announcement for a large scale event ... perhaps your UAT phase is insufficient in depth and scope - e.g., not a large enough pool.


Constantly announcing and then announcing a delay does not build player confidence in what is communicated through official channels.


Browncow13 #82 Posted Jan 16 2020 - 16:58


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View PostDr_Jerkov, on Jan 15 2020 - 08:08, said:

The issue is one day before the event is set to start, they cancel it. How would you feel if you are walking out of your house for a date and you see on facebook she cancelled. Because this isn't even like getting a text because you have to go to the website.


Now I know what it feels like to be involved in Penn State Football.

No,  since no Gym Jordan waiting in the showers........  

Kajegamar #83 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 03:00


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Having this event starting the day before Valentines Day is problematic.  A great many wives/sweethearts/partners are going to strenuously object to playing a very second fiddle to a computer game.  A significant number of the players in my clan, and I feel sure my clan is not alone in this, have events scheduled for themselves and their partners.  As the duration of the tank event is short and not playing for a few days will effectively put the majority of the players that might want to score a tank out of the running, might it not be a better idea to move it back just a few more days to maybe 16/17 of February?  I would assume that wanting the maximum number of players participating would be a priority with y'all.

bilzbobaggins #84 Posted Jan 22 2020 - 19:13


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Can we get an update about this?  Like its been fixed and the dates are in stone?  Please and thank you.

Dr_Jerkov #85 Posted Jan 22 2020 - 19:33


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View Postbilzbobaggins, on Jan 22 2020 - 12:13, said:

Can we get an update about this?  Like its been fixed and the dates are in stone?  Please and thank you.

I would just wait until the map actually opens... then we know we have a 50% chance of the event actually starting.


Edit: I feel bad for WGNA having to tolerate all our crap AND the WG corporate crap as well. Kudos to them for handling this all as well as they honestly do.

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