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Czechoslovakian T-34/100, best tier VII MT... ... ...NOT!

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GeisterKatze #1 Posted Jan 16 2020 - 02:54


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Well, I am trying to work through the T-34/100 to the TVP.  I had to opportunity to play 25 matches today/tonight.  I had a good mix of being bottom-tier, middle-tier, and even top-tier!  I also had a good variety of maps.  I attempted to play a variety of ways, from aggressive flanking to sniping and eventually to being an opportunistic ambush tank.  My team won five of those twenty-five matches.  FIVE.  FIVE!!!  I averaged more than 750hp damage caused in all but two or three matches, and in many cases finished with more than my tanks' hp in damage.  I did a decent amount of spotting damage, and even picked up a Kamikaze!  However I simply cannot figure out how to be truly effective with this tank.  I very rarely felt as if I was truly contributing.  I felt as if I was simply not helping my team enough because I was too busy trying to find spots to shoot from that didn't get me killed. 

Has anyone out there figured a way to use this tank effectively?  Do the tier VIII, IX, and X for the Czechoslovakian line play just as difficult?  I really don't want to abandon this line, but it's honestly one of the most difficult grinds from tier VIII I can remember! 

HOTA_CHATON #2 Posted Jan 16 2020 - 02:56


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Haven't reached it yet.  I'm at the T24, right now.

bilzbobaggins #3 Posted Jan 16 2020 - 03:13


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If you think this one is bad, just get ready.

Buttknuckle #4 Posted Jan 16 2020 - 03:14


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I found that tank to be truly awful. I didn't play the TVP VTU because on paper it looks like it is similar to the tier 7 but gets to see tier 10s. The tier 7 was so bad that it caused me to make the TVP VTU the first tier 8 tank Ive ever skipped using free xp.  The tier 9 and 10 are both solid, fun, tanks.

Projectile_Misfired #5 Posted Jan 16 2020 - 03:19


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I found that after the Skoda T25, the T34/100 was a let-down. I too had some issues figuring out the best way to play it. 

IIRC, I had finally gotten to the point with it that I just simply Free-XPed my way through to the Skoda T50 (I wasn't even going to try playing the TVP VTU because of all the posts I've seen about how bad it is.).

But, if there is a silver-lining in all this, the Skoda T50 is just as fun, if not more, to play as the Skoda T25.

Treeburst #6 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 16:23


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The T34/100 isn't awful. You have a pretty decent gun, just no armor. Unfortunately you also don't have much in the way of gun depression, so you can't work ridges. IIRC I stuck to flatter areas and shot at distracted people.

thehelmsman #7 Posted Jan 23 2020 - 12:04

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I found T-34/100 to be quite workable, especially at a tier where mediums are notoriously crap. It has no armor (though the turret can pull off a lucky bounce from time to time) and merely okay mobility, though none of the Czech meds have reliable armor, so you should be used to that by now. The big highlight is hitting for 250, which is pretty good for a tier 7 medium and allows you to make even tier 8s think twice about trading shots. The only tier 7 medium that hits harder, derp guns aside, is A-44, which has the awkward rear-mounted turret and absolutely atrocious gun handling. The alpha gap has closed considerably at tier 7 over the last year or so, but T-34/100 still holds its own. T-34-1 has a bouncy turret, but bad DPM and gun handling. T20 has terrible DPM. Eagle 7 has mediocre DPM and mobility. P.43 ter is the only Tier 7 med that hits for around 240-250 that also has both similar DPM to the Konstrukta and mobility to make use of it.

At a tier where most mediums get either DPM or alpha, having both puts you ahead of the curve. T-34/100 has both, and decent mobility besides. The only real drawback is the bad gun depression. It's a solid flanker/harasser support medium.

As for the TVP/VTU.... it's got nothing really going for it. Try to grit your teeth and grind as long as you can stand, and save as much free exp as you can for the modules on the T50, because that tank isn't much fun out of the box, either. Once you get the autoloader on it, though, T50 is a dream; it's fast, has good view range, and dumps its mag in less than four seconds from the first shot, making it a supreme hit-and-run ambusher.


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