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Polish, Czech or Swedish line?

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marafv #1 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 17:48

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I've been going up those three lines and it's been rough in Tiers 1-5. Much of the time I'm relearning the game and running the stock tanks. My crews do not have sixth sense. My question is do I keep going in each of them, or drop one or two? I have about 70k in free xp. 


I'm on the Polish Tier 5, just unlocked the Tier 6. Near as I can tell, its even harder than the Tier 5. The line doesn't pay off until the Tier X it seems. How is the Tier IX?


I'm elite on the Czech Tier IV. It seems the payoff is at the Tier IX medium tank. Don't know much about the Lago. 


The Swedish tank line is elite a tier 3. QB says the Tier X Kranwagn is pretty good, but he makes almost any tank look good. 


Other plans: Get the M46 Patton. I will probably buy the T1-LPC while it is in the shop to train American medium crews. 


Playing the T-44 to get the Obj 430. 


Kind of liking my E75 so was thinking of going up another brute line. The Tier IX french heavy looks good, but the tier VIII is supposedly terrible. Would have to start at the Tier VII French heavy. I have a 100% AMX 50 B crew in the barracks, which is strange sense I've never owned the AMX 50 B. I do have some equipment researched from getting the AMX 50-100.


The Superconqueror is also good, but have to buy the Tier VI Churchill to get started. I have some equipment researched from going up the centurion line. 


I'm also wondering if I should just stop at Tier IX in most lines. Tier X puts me with players of much higher skill more often it seems, while Tier IX occasionally gets to pick on Tier VIIs. You can see I'm terrible with the Tier Xs I do have. 


I like scouting and have the M41 Bulldog, the T71DA and the T-50-2. I was thinking of buying back the T-50 and going up the Russian line because the Tier X is so awesome. I've been playing the M41 to get the T49. It has 22000 xp, but haven't researched the top gun, which doesn't seem 16k xp better. 


One garage slot empty, but do have some low tier premium tanks (holiday rewards) that I never play. 14 empty barracks space. 


You can see I used to be average, but now suck at the game. I've been watching Guido 1212 videos to relearn the game. 



dnaman #2 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 18:13


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The tier VII Polish is actually pretty good.  Play it similarly to a T29 American heavy (hull down and move so they have a hard time penning your weak points).  The tier VI Czech is fun, but the VII is Meh and the VIII is universally hated by pretty much everyone.  The Swedish TDs are a lot of fun from VIII on up although some people struggle with the VIII.  The heavies are okay.  I don’t really like the Kran all that much, but I’ve got it.  

moogleslam #3 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 18:20


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It might be best to go down one of the forgiving lines, i.e. lines with armor, so the Polish line, or the Swedish heavy line (hull down playstyle).  As for stopping at a tier, tier 7 is probably a good place for you to be right now.

Tupinambis #4 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 18:37


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*maybe* worth considering: Think about which of these tanks seems like something you'd want to buy: the 50TP, T27, or STRV S1. If any of those tanks seem like stupid wastes of money to you, you may not really end up liking the normal tech tree tanks for those nations either.

The Swedish mediums are hard to test this way since neither the STRV 81 or Lansen C are actually good representations for what Swedish mediums are like.

el_01 #5 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 05:08

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The Swedish mediums are good, the Polish Tier 6 is playable.


The Polish Tier 6's stock gun is semi-competitive at Tier 6 (if you got the top gun on the 25TP), and the top gun basically makes it a pocket heavy. It doesn't have lots of armour against same-tier tanks and really doesn't have speed, but the gun is pretty fine if you aim long enough.


The Swedish mediums are all about using gun depression and caution. None really have too much armour, but are excellent on a ridge. The Lago is horrible stock due to the aim time, ideally you get the better turret with Free XP. After that, it's a fine medium tank without much armour. The 75mm has high alpha but low-ish pen, the 57mm has higher pen but isn't really all that high-ROF. The Strv m/42 is good, gun tends to be a bit derpy and you get HE penned a lot so play carefully, but it can do its job as a support med. The Strv 74, the top tank I've reached in the line, is excellent. Gun handling comparable to Tier 9 mediums, excellent gun and gun depression, an amazing support vehicle. The armour is actually worse than the Strv m/42, so be cautious. FWIW the Leo is a high-alpha medium or can use the Strv 74 gun with worse handling, I still don't have the credits to buy it. 


Here are skill4ltu's tech tree showcases if you want a better idea of the line:




And the Polish one:



And the Czech one: 



Check out all of his tech tree showcases, useful for evaluating grinds, specific vehicles, and general play.

dunniteowl #6 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 05:40


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My vote is ALL of them.  That's just me.



I want to play every tank at least 100 matches.  This would mean that I'm going to play every nation, every class from tier 1 to tier 10 at some point in time, the game's longevity notwithstanding.




Captain_Rownd #7 Posted Jan 19 2020 - 00:05


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View Postmarafv, on Jan 17 2020 - 06:48, said:



I'm on the Polish Tier 5, just unlocked the Tier 6. Near as I can tell, its even harder than the Tier 5. The line doesn't pay off until the Tier X it seems. How is the Tier IX?



  I liked the 25TP and 40TP once they were upgraded. 


knave1 #8 Posted Jan 19 2020 - 20:17


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Just a quick answer to your question:


Polish - I didn't like this line until Tier 7. Which I love. 8 is good and 10 looks good.

Czech - I liked this line from Tier 5, although tier 8 was a grind for me, 9 and 10 are awesome!

Swedish - I didn't have any difficulty, most of these tanks are good in a few situations. I went back to the Leo for the mediums and liked it more the second time. the 8 up are all fun for their unique mechanics/turrets


Please take with a grain of salt, I'm a 100% average player, well, I was a crappy average player and now I'm an ok average player.

marafv #9 Posted Jan 22 2020 - 04:15

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Thanks for the replies. Decided to take it slow. Plans are

1. Working on the T-44 line to get the Obj 430

2. Finished Panther/M10 missions

3. Working to finish On track to E100 missions. 

4. Upgraded to Lago, want the Emils. 

5. Ceased work on Polish and Czech tiers for now. Waiting for sale before continuing up the tree.

6. Bought a Churchill VII to grind up British heavies. 

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